3 Issues Commonly Found During an Elevator Inspection

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Elevator breakdowns are undesirable as they cause inconvenience and cost you time, money, and productivity. Hence elevator inspections are an integral part of preventive elevator maintenance plans. Implementing such maintenance practices decrease the incidence of breakdown and minimize elevator downtime. You can hire the services of a professional elevator service company that can carry out such inspection from time to time and can prevent any major breakdown from happening.
Certain issues in elevators are more common than others. Let’s discuss the 3 most commonly found issues in the elevator found during an inspection. You will need the help of professionals to remedy these on time.

Wear and Tear in Sheaves

The sheaves in the elevator’s machinery have a lot of hard work to do. Every time the elevator cab is going up and down, the sheaves are in action, and hence wear and tear in it is inevitable in the long run. When the sheaves are worn out, they wear the ropes out as well and the cycle continues until there is a breakdown and repair is needed. It is easy to fix the issue before it comes to a problem. This issue can be found during elevator inspections and the solution is to regroove the sheaves or replace them entirely if regrooving is not possible. It is easy to check the wear and tear in the sheaves with simple tools that are easily available to elevator technicians.

Contaminated Oil and Lubrication

Tiny bits of metal can sneak into the oil and lubrication system of the elevator and cause a problem in its functioning. Causes for such contamination include worn seals or improper lubrication. Get an oil analysis done for various properties of the oil during an elevator inspection which can help you find out if there is wear and tear inside the motor. In case contamination is noted, they should replace the worn parts and can change the oil for the proper functioning of the elevator.

Malfunctioning Bearings

Several cases of elevator breakdown happen due to the malfunctioning of bearings. Bearing malfunctioning makes the lift noisy, so it is easy to catch the problem during a routine inspection. Bearing replacement is easy and cost-effective and it offers a safer environment for elevator users.
A stitch in time saves nine, and the same is true of elevator routine maintenance and inspection. When these are caught in time, it saves a lot of hassles later. As a building owner, it is your responsibility to keep tenants and customers happy, and you can do so by giving them a dependable and robust elevator system. Premier Elevator cabs is one of the leading commercial elevator companies offering a host of elevator-related services – from manufacturing, exterior elevator designs, repair, and maintenance. Call them today to schedule an elevator inspection.