3 Major Elevator Problems That You Can’t Ignore

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You might have experienced or heard of problems related to elevator performance and safety. Sometimes, the problems go unnoticed, but at times it triggers serious concern. Elevator is an important accessory of a building and its fitness is linked with the convenience and safety of the occupants of the building.

Here are 3 major elevator problems which you can’t ignore, or shouldn’t ignore being a responsible and informed user.

Long wait time and slow speed

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Time is precious. Nobody likes to stand in front of the elevator door waiting for the cab to come, particularly, when you are already late to school or some meeting. If the elevator speed is trying your patience on a regular basis, you shouldn’t ignore it. Actually, it’s a symptom of a larger problem. It’s a safety warning sign. It causes undue friction and pressure on the elevator components like relay system that causes the movement of the elevator. Further, ignoring the elevator slow speed problem can lead to more electricity consumption as more power is required to overcome the frictional force.

Heating issues

The drive and control systems perform the heavy duty. No machine in the world has 100% efficiency thereby converting to the total energy from electrical to mechanical. Some amount of electrical energy is converted into heat, and repeated use of the elevator leads to the accumulation of the heat. It further gets exaggerated due to weather or climate prevailing. The drive and control mechanism are generally based on the top floor, so the environmental temperature also contributes to the heat, particularly in summer. Overheating can be a major reason for breakdown of the elevator. Ventilation balances the thermodynamics and contains the heating issues. Place your hand on the cabinet holding the drive and control systems, you will feel the temperature. Call in your elevator service company, if you think it’s alarming.

Excessive energy consumption

Unexpected rise in the electricity bill over the months is a sign that there is something rotten in Denmark. Ask your elevator engineering company to perform a health-check-up of the equipment starting from electric control panel to the door movement mechanism to drive and control system. Ignorance of fault with the electric panel could be fatal. Failure of sensors and deposition of dust in the grid of the door slider obstructs the door’s movement. Not addressing the daily wear and tear on time unnecessarily raises your elevator repair and maintenance bills.
A stitch in time saves nine – the same is also true for your elevator. Routine servicing helps with maintaining the performance and ensuring the safety of passengers.

Caring the equipment is caring yourself and loved ones Get in touch with Premier Elevator Cabs for elevator engineering and maintenance.

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