5 Challenges Facing the Elevator Industry and How to Overcome Them

5 Challenges Facing the Elevator Industry and How to Overcome Them

The elevator industry has benefitted a lot from the technological advancement in elevators. The machines have gotten faster, the downtime has reduced, and elevator service companies handle any reported issues more deftly. The demand for elevator equipment has risen many folds in recent years, and elevator cab companies are trying their best to meet this demand. The potential for innovation in this field is enormous, and so are the challenges faced by commercial elevator companies. In this article, let us discuss the five challenges facing the elevator industry and how to overcome them.

Meeting The Increased Expectations of The Customers:

Thanks to 24/7 connectivity, the customers’ expectations have increased significantly in recent years. They can now connect with the elevator service providers through different mediums and want an instant resolution of the problems that arise in the elevators. The pressure on the elevator service companies to fix things is very high, and we can only meet it with the aid of technology. Investing in a robust elevator management system is the need of the hour.

Meeting the Safety Compliance Standards:

Significant technological advancements mean newer compliance checks need to be met by elevator companies. What adds to the complexity is that laws can vary from location to location. Today elevator services are reaching remote places, and complying with different legislations mean added costs. The elevator service companies can stay at the top of their maintenance game by introducing protocols to ensure necessary checks are done, and certificates are obtained in time. Since these norms are made with the safety of the elevator users in mind, it is essential to comply with the safety laws and norms.

Proactive Maintenance By The Right Elevator Service Company:

When the maintenance strategy is reactive, the elevator service company will act when the elevator machinery faces a snag. It leads to more significant machine downtime and low customer satisfaction. Rider safety and comfort should always be a priority when managing the maintenance of the elevator systems. It can be achieved by having a proactive maintenance schedule and investing in new technologies that let you run service analysis on an ongoing basis.

Meeting the Skillset Gap:

Leaps of technological advancement in elevator systems also that the people’s skills in this field need to be updated at regular intervals via training. When technology gets smart, people need to be smart enough to handle it. Tons of data is made available as processes get automated, so employees of elevator service companies must have analytical training to decipher traffic analysis, real-time operational analysis, and energy analysis to make informed decisions. Meeting this skillset gap comes adds up in the people’s cost too.

Keeping a Check on Operational Costs:

The competition is fierce in the elevator industry. The customer demands the best, and the service providers compete for their market share. It creates an environment for increased operational costs that can eat up profit. One of the best ways to check the operation cost is by having access to real-time data through an elevator management software system. You can keep a tab on parts ordered, parts needed, how the technicians utilize their time, etc. When you know where your resources are going, you can take steps to optimize it to the best of your ability and lower the operational costs in the process.

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