5 Elements of Modern Elevator Lobby Design

5 Elements of Modern Elevator Lobby Design

The elevator lobby is one of the spaces in a building that sees the most footfalls. Therefore, the interior design of the elevator lobby of a building needs special attention. It should be designed so that the entrance, doors, lobby, and interior of the elevator cabs have a seamless and cohesive look. Make sure that your elevator lobby design makes an impression on your visitors and helps them connect with the building.

Safety, comfort, and aesthetics also play a major role in deciding the elevator lobby design. The brand or the building style influences the overall color scheme and the style of the lobby design. Still, certain fundamental elements of a modern elevator design are universally applicable. If you plan an elevator interior remodeling, you should consult a professional elevator service company to help you with the details. Meanwhile, you can educate yourself on modern elevator lobby design basics, and the knowledge will come in handy in the elevator remodeling project.

Let’s look into the five major elements of modern elevator lobby design; when used properly can help in elevating the feel of your building elevator lobby to a whole new level.

Easy Accessibility:

Many factors should be considered when designing a modern elevator lobby, and the first one is accessibility. On the first floor, the elevator lobby should have direct access from the main entrance of the building. Minute details like the placement of signage for the elevator should make it easy for visitors to find the elevator easily.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage:

The light source plays a huge role in any good design. A well-lit lobby helps people feel comfortable in a new space as it gives a more welcoming and open vibe. For a subtle dramatic effect, one can also go for diffused lights – they have low glare while providing consistent illumination. Good illumination inside the elevator cab is also very important because elevator cabs are small spaces. The cabs have a more spacious feel and put the visitors at ease with good illumination.

Make Room for Art:

Think of the elevator lobby as something more than a passageway. It is the connecting space between your building and the outside world. It also serves as a meeting place for people, making it an interesting space where people can enjoy their time waiting. Put up some beautiful paintings on the wall and adorn the corner with art pieces or sculptures to bring some life and vibrancy.

Color and Style:

There is ‘n’ number of choices to choose from when it comes to colors and style. Some spaces go for subtle shades that give the lobby a calm and soft look. Using soft, matte-finished materials, colors, and furnishing can impart such a look. You can see such lobbies in hotels where the aim is to make the visitors feel at home. Some brands want to permeate an energizing feel in their elevator lobby design and prefer a creative and bold look. They want bold and contrasting colors which attract the visitor’s attention. Using metallic and glossy materials and bold color furnishing can help get such a look.

Filter Out the Noise:

Elevators and elevator lobbies can be noisy spaces. The sound of people walking, loud voices, the sound of the elevator machinery, etc., can result in a cacophony if the acoustic of the place is not properly taken care of. To keep the noise to a minimum, use materials like PET felt that absorb sound, and it will help maintain harmony in the lobby environment.

The elevator lobby design should be such that it blends into the design of the building. If you are looking for a company that makes customized elevator cabs that compliments your elevator lobby area design, check out Premier Elevator Cabs. With over 25+ years of service in this industry, they have successfully handled several such projects in MD, VA, NC, DC, DE, and neighboring areas. Contact them today to discuss your elevator remodeling project.