5 Sustainable Elevator Cab Interior Design Ideas!

If the current consumption and production patterns remain the same and with a rising population expected to reach 9.6 billion, by 2050, we will need two more planets like the Earth to sustain our ways of living and consumption, reads the UN’s website.

We will reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations by working together. We can’t leave it to the governments alone. Everyone has to do his or her bit to make the planet a better place. Here are 5 sustainable elevator cab interior design ideas to save the planet.

#1. Cut wastage

When you opt for any made-to-measure modern elevator interior, choose a design that doesn’t leave much scrap. The panels used in walls, floor, and ceiling come in fixed sizes. Calculate the total area of the interior to check how much raw materials do you need. Hire a modern elevator interior company that has proven expertise in making and installing an elevator. The products go better over time and so does our mind. Make sure that the company is not just modern but also experienced in crafting great elevator cab interior design.

#2. Cut electricity

The material, texture, and design of an elevator cab’s interior relate to power consumption as well. Consider using a lightweight material to reduce the overall weight of your residential or commercial equipment. A surface with a good reflection index and a ceiling with a few open compartments in it can reduce power consumption. Wall panel laminates having white, off-white or similar light colors will help you get a better reflection than the laminates that are deep in color. Also, give preference to using a highly efficient lighting system and hoisting mechanism.

#3. Reduce frequent maintenance

Frequent change of interior design like replacement of damaged or dull-looking panels is not just a burden on your finance but also on the environment. Go with durable materials like stainless steel or high-quality PVC panels featuring a high tensile strength. A modern elevator interior usually has a scratch-resistant or tough surface as it lasts longer and is rigid to physical stress and strain.

#4. Reduce air-conditioning dependency

You can’t get rid of air conditioning service completely in summer times, but yes by having an elevator cab interior design based on the principles of aero and thermodynamics, you can control the dependency on AC in spring and autumn seasons. The carbon footprints on the planet have already reached an alarming scale and it’s high time we act now. Use an efficient lighting system with a cool temperature. It helps a lot. People’s mood swings according to the ambiance and it affects the perception of the physical world as well.

#5. Allow proper ventilation

Maximizing ventilation with natural air takes you close to a sustainable elevator design concept. It also increases the comfort and safety of passengers in case there is an unexpected power failure. A roof is a conventional space for allowing natural air to cross the equipment. Think of more options. Leaving some gap between the floor and vertical wall panels on all four sides can help you.

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