5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Commercial Elevator

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Commercial Elevator

Having an elevator in a multiple storied commercial building is a must. It is one of the key ways to lift people and cargo and offer them access to various floors in the building. It can rightly be called the backbone of premises, for it keeps everything connected by offering transportation support within the building. When shopping for a commercial elevator, you cannot just go a pick any random model. You must zero down on a commercial elevator after careful consideration of various factors. The elevator you choose should not be just functional but also aesthetic and safe. From the capacity of the elevator to elevator cab interior design, the technology used in its drivers, and the various safety measures in place, you must consider everything.

In this article, let’s learn about the five things you should consider when shopping for a commercial elevator.

Decide on the Capacity of the Elevator:
The capacity of the elevator refers to the number of people it can carry at a time. To decide on the capacity, you must have a general idea about the footfalls in the premises and the peak hours of elevator usage. Your elevator will be lifting people throughout the day and will be making several to and fro journeys. It would help if you aimed for a shorter waiting time for people wanting to use the lift. A 400-pound elevator cabin can accommodate five people at a time, and there are bigger service lift cabins that can lift 12 or more people at a time. Deciding on the elevator’s capacity is the first step towards zeroing on a particular model of elevator.

Know the Technology that Drives the Elevator:
Several specialized drive systems run an elevator. The prices can vary depending on the technology used. Knowing the technology that drives the elevator can help you decide on the budget and the models you can consider.

What are the Operational and Maintenance Costs Involved?
Installing an elevator on the premises is a one-time cost, but the operational and maintenance costs are recurring. So, when choosing an elevator, do not just think short term but for the long term. Having an idea about these costs and allowing space for them in your budget is crucial in the long run. Some lift models may have a higher initial cost, but they can be energy efficient and consume less power than lift models with a lower initial cost. The most trusted commercial elevator companies will advise you with all the information and make choosing an elevator for your commercial building easier.

Consider the Functionality and Design Aspect:
You should give the functionality aspect of the elevator its due importance. Can it be used to move cargo? Can it cater to the needs of people with special needs? Along with functionality, you must also consider the elevator cab interior design. The features and style of the elevator add to the overall look of the property. To make it look appealing, you can accessorize it or choose a color that complements the color of the building. The elevator interior can enhance the experience of people using it.

What are the Safety Measures in Place?
The safety measures in an elevator should never be compromised. You should know how the elevator will perform in case of an emergency. Will the buzzer go off if the maximum capacity of the elevator is exceeded? How will the lift cope in case of a power failure? Does the backup battery power turn on automatically? Knowing about all these features will give you the peace of mind that in case of an emergency, the elevator can scale up and handle the situation.

When shopping for a commercial elevator, choosing the right elevator company is crucial. If you need help choosing one, get in touch with the representatives at Premier Elevator Cabs for the best deal.