7 Quick Steps for Commercial Buildings to Reduce Elevator Operating Costs

7 Quick Steps for Commercial Buildings to Reduce Elevator Operating Costs

In today’s time, elevators have become a much-needed part of commercial buildings. They make the movement of people and wares so much easier and faster that now we cannot envisage business places, warehouses, and other such commercial buildings without commercial elevators. Elevators have evolved with time, and today we have elevators serving us in every commercial building around us. They have made our lives easier. But maintaining an elevator comes at a cost to the property owner. If not taken care of properly, the maintenance cost of elevators can shoot up and add up the bills significantly.

So, we have compiled a list of 7 quick steps that can help commercial buildings to check and reduce their elevator operating costs.

Understand The Maintenance Agreement with Your Service Provider:

It might seem like a no-brainer, but astonishingly, so many property owners are not aware of the services they sign up and pay for. Many times properties are charged for services they do not even need or utilize. By thoroughly understanding the maintenance contract with your service provider, you can be sure that you pay for what is needed and there are no hidden costs.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance of the Elevators

Never skip any of the scheduled maintenance check-ups for the elevators. Commercial elevators see huge footfalls every day and journey too and forth across the floor all day round. Regular maintenance helps keep any problems arising in the machinery parts in check. If there is any fault in the machinery parts, it should be replaced in due time so that it doesn’t cause any further harm to other parts of the elevator machinery. When the elevator undergoes maintenance services at regular intervals, it helps minimize the elevator’s energy consumption, and it works efficiently without any major breakdowns.

3. Learn About Your Elevator Lifecycle:

It is very important to learn about the lifecycle of your equipment and the potential problems that might arise in the future. When you understand its lifecycle and history, you can hold your elevator management service provider accountable for taking care of it and fixing it in due time.

4. Keep a Track of Your Elevator Inspection Dates:

Being abreast with your elevator inspection dates is crucial. There are govt. agencies who inspect elevators from time to time to ensure that they are maintained in good working condition. The elevator equipment often fails the test, and heavy fines are imposed on the property owner. When you know the inspection dates, you will take care of the equipment, maintain it perfectly, and avoid the heavy fines levied on non-compliance.

5. Use Sensor Regulated Lights and Fans in the Elevator Cabs:

People using the elevator often put on the lights and fan and forget to turn them off while going out, which adds up the electricity bills. An easy way to manage this is to have sensor-regulated lights and fan in the elevator, which turns on and off only when the elevator is in use.

6. Establish a Relationship with Your Service Provider:

It is important to know your service provider well. You should save their numbers so that they are just a call away whenever any need arises. You should keep the number of the mechanic who services your equipment handy, and it will come very useful in time of need. An elevator is a machine and can malfunction without any prior notice. When you have the service provider’s contact details saved, you can ask them for a quick visit to check on the equipment.

7. Track the Data of Elevator Usage:

It is very important to ensure that the elevator is not used unnecessarily and give your machine some rest time to not break down due to burnout. Most modern elevator systems give you a lot of accurate data about its usage, traffic, trips, etc., which can come in very handy to take important decisions about the elevator like a part replacement, upgradation, etc.

Lack of oversight is one of the big reasons for incurring extra avoidable elevator operation costs. When you implement these seven easy-to-implement tips, you can save on the elevator maintenance cost and enhance the equipment’s life. If you have any elevator maintenance service needs or your need to install commercial elevators in your business premises in DC, MD, VA, NC & DE, you can check out Premier Elevator Cabs. They have been in this business for over 25 years and can address your queries and needs amicably. Call them today.