7 Tips to Make Your Building Elevator New And Perfect

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You can make your building elevator new and perfect even after it has been worn down by years of usage, suffered vandalism, or been subjected to fire and moisture. Cladding, metal refinishing and oxidation techniques have ensured that dilapidated looks can be changed at a fraction of the cost of buying a new elevator system. Of course, if your elevator is older than 20 years, you should seriously consider replacing it.

Sometimes, you can change cables and pulleys, and the entire machinery outside the elevator cabin without affecting vintage styles or heritage. A case in point is Premier Elevator Cabs replacement of the historic white oak elevator cab inside the Supreme Court building in Washington DC. This project involved re-creating an exact replica of the original that had been damaged in a fire some 30 years ago. After painstakingly taking exact measurements of intricate moldings, carved rosettes, and integrated vents, it took months of craftsmanship to replicate the original fabrication.

When the project was finally ready, everything had been marked down to the last detail, from the ‘Egg and Dart’ gothic keys to the decorative bronze on the light fixtures. A custom made bronze handrail was added along with recessed light fixtures and the elevator system was back to looking fresh yet modern.

Even if you don’t own a heritage building, as a facility manager, you’re in charge of maintaining vertical transport facilities by annual servicing, getting ready for inspections, and, perhaps, most importantly, by increasing the value of the property via an elevator renovation project. Here are some tips.

  1. Pay Attention to Elevator Aesthetics: The number of panels on the elevator door and cabin interiors, the depth of the jamb (the space between the hallway and the elevator cab insides), the material used, the amount of control afforded by the buttons on the panel, and lighting play a big role in elevator aesthetics. This, in turn, creates a big impact on the ‘plushness’ of your elevators, and by transfer, into the value of your building.
  2. Use Metal Refinishing and Oxidation to Remove Minor Scratches: Optical refinements need not always cost a fortune. You can hire professionals to refinish the metal surfaces inside and outside your elevator cab. One way to hide dents and scratches is by changing mirrored finishes from bronze and stainless steel into non-directional finishes that deliberately put grooves on the surface. This masks the discomforting effect of damaged surfaces and assures users that the elevator is safe and well-maintained.
  3. Use Cladding for Deep Scratches, Dents: Dents and damage that are etched deep into the surface ideally requires you to replace the surface panels in the elevator cab. This is done through a process called cladding. Cladding requires precise measurements and guided expertise to accomplish, however, and you must check the credentials of the professional you employ to do your cladding.
  4. Change your Wall Design: Professional elevator design companies offer to redo the walls leading to the elevator entranceway to match your elevator theme. Consider retouching wall colors for optimum visual effect.
  5. Ceiling design in elevator cabins is crucial to achieving the effect of space and security. Lighting and fixtures on the ceiling can set the mood for people moving around commercial spaces.
  6. Add a Handrail to Show Sensitivity for the Disabled: Being politically correct is not out-of-fashion for business houses yet. Add that custom handrail and you’ll travel miles in creating happy facility users.
  7. Replace your Elevators: Replacement is the last recommended option but may be necessary if your elevator cables are more than 10-15 years old as that is their lifespan. If your elevators were put up when your building design senses were in their formative states and if you can afford it, go for a fresh and modern design that matches your building theme.

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