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How we designed the US Supreme Court Elevator Cab

How we designed the US Supreme Court Elevator Cab

This is the story of how Premier Elevators designed the US Supreme Court elevator cab as an exact replica of the original American quartered white oak that burned down in an electrical fire thirty years ago. After the fire incident, only a standard laminated panel had been installed but never replaced. Our challenge was to […]

Understanding Elevator Load Tests and Elevator Servicing

Understanding Elevator Load Tests and Elevator Servicing

Elevator load tests are a crucial part of your elevator service and maintenance routine. Without them your elevators would be deemed unsuitable for use in an inspection. Most elevator users don’t stop to think how much load differences put stress on hoisting mechanisms, pulleys, sheaves, and counterweights. But for facility managers, whose responsibility it is […]

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

New elevator cladding serves two major purposes – rectifying the rust and corrosion that has accumulated on elevator walls over time and beautifying old elevators during commercial building renovations. New cladding is a great opportunity to make your elevator walls, lobby walls, and entrance walls waterproof and fire-resistant. Besides, it’s much more economical to clad […]

What Elevator Handrail Hardware Should You Spend On?

What Elevator Handrail Hardware Should You Spend On?

Elevator handrail hardware is supposed to be sturdy and resistant to corrosion and be able to match the functional, modular, and flexible design elements of your elevator architecture. Elevator handrails are not required by the ADA but they do add support to your design and show that your organization is thoughtful and sensitive to people […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Modernize Your Commercial Elevator

Commercial Elevator

What many people don’t understand that modernizing your commercial elevator is tremendously important. The mechanical parts of the Elevator including the dry rails can be affected due to constant use. Because of the lack of lubricant on the guide rails, weather change etc. the elevator is constantly affected. To dodge this problem; modernizing your commercial […]

Enhance Home Elevators to Custom Fit your Needs

Buying a residential elevator for your home can be a straight forward process with the right planning and information. A residential elevator is available in many different types and styles. So what do you need to know before you invest in a customized home elevator? Investing in home elevator installation is one of the many […]

How to Become an Elevator Engineer

Elevator Engineer

Elevator Engineers assemble, install, and repair elevators. An elevator Engineer learns through an apprenticeship program and must understand electronics, hydraulics, and electricity. Engineers are also involved in elevator interior remodeling and elevator cab interior design. Excellent opportunities are available for those who want to enter this profession. In this free career guide, you will learn […]

The Overlooked Importance of Elevator Surface Protection

elevator engineering services

Everyone is trying their best to get good rentals with great elevator designs in today’s environment.Building elevators frequently serve as the “public face” of building interiors. Elevators are also becoming more interactive spaces that offer a higher user experience.Elevator Surface Protection to your existing elevator and escalator systems is an essential part of providing good […]

Tips to Choose an Elevator Company for Integrity and Safety

elevator design interior

Ever thought of a world without elevators? Or a world with the same old-school elevators which had channels and weak mechanisms? Difficult right! Well, that’s why upgradation is necessary.You need to find the perfect elevator service in town to provide the best upgrades that you need and desire. Here are some important tips to choose […]

How Much Time Does It Take to Install a New Elevator?

Elevator Services

An efficiently-installed and upheld elevator holds the key to making a great first impression on your visitor. Many aspects have to be taken into consideration for creating appealing, efficient and error proof exterior elevators designs. The time needed to perfectly install a New Elevator and make it efficiently operational is a key aspect in making […]