Installation of Air Purifiers inside Elevator Cabs

Elevators have become an essential item in today’s world. They can move residents to their home apartments, patients from one floor to another in hospitals, and guests to their hotel rooms. However, it is necessary that people feel comfortable and secured while traveling in any elevator irrespective of whether they are riding forty or four […]

Elevators vs Stairs vs Escalators

Escalators and elevators have had a tremendous impact on contemporary design and architecture. There was a time when people would only use the stairs for going from one level to another. However, thanks to the innovation brought by these two systems, people can now travel easily through multiple levels irrespective of weight. Thus, escalators and […]

Multiple Cabs Within the Same Elevator Shaft

Multiple Cabs Within the Same Elevator Shaft

Many people are petrified of being inside a falling elevator. High rises are common these days and modern elevator design has undergone drastic changes in recent times. Advanced technology has made it possible now to install multiple (two) elevator cabs in a single shaft. This funky arrangement makes it possible to move almost double the […]

How to Restore Old Elevators in Historic Buildings

It is possible to restore old elevator cab enclosures with their original wood, stone, or metal finishing even as you completely replace the entire steam or hydraulic apparatus behind-the-scenes in historic buildings. Myths About Historic Elevator Repair Heritage and historic buildings need not cost a fortune to repair and renovate. Nor does a ‘historic’ designation […]

Future Building Design and Elevator Car Interiors

The elevator industry is expected to experience many game-changing features, which could revolutionize how an elevator functions in a building. Here are some of the noteworthy future trends of elevator cab design, which have the potential to change the industry. 1. Green Elevators Many top elevator organizations are developing green elevators. These elevators are not […]

How to Manage Medical Unit Elevator Systems

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical care facilities need elevator systems that work 24 by 7, can handle frequent demand for vertical transport of patients, patient beds, medical equipment of varying loads and dimensions, as well as cater to staff and visitors, many of whom may require special devices to move about. As a facility manager, […]

Smart Elevator Technologies for Practical Facility Managers

The best facilities are those that can maintain regularity in operational routines, respond to errors and shoot down trouble before they manifest into chaos. By configuring smart elevator technologies to maintain these workflows you can monitor your resources, predict and avert glitches, manage your facilities more efficiently and bring down the costs and downtimes of […]