Elevator Service Made Simple to Drive Customer Experience

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  Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently – this favorite quote from award-winning author and motivational speaker Shiv Khera provides the simplest guidelines to drive customer’s experience (CX) in the elevator service industry. Here is how we make a difference to our customer’s experience and win their trust and love. CX Driven […]

How Long Does It Take to Install A New Elevator?

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Depending on your conditions and budget, we at Premier Elevator choose the equipment that best suits your requirements. Our relations with our vendors and massive experience in the industry allows us to operate within your budget to deliver quality equipment to fit your custom needs. Now it is very easy to install a new elevator. […]

Maintenance of Commercial Elevator – Why Make it a Priority

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A commercial elevator equipment may be an upfront idle investment without any ROI (return on investment). Apparently, it might be a truth. Unlike other goods where you see a clear profit after selling them, here you keep paying from the earning towards the maintenance of commercial elevator, and electricity bill. Premier Elevator Cabs, the leading […]

Questions to ask about Elevator Repair and Maintenance

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Experience counts. Elevator is an equipment that contributes a lot towards the convenience and safety of – residents as well as visitors. Whether you own the elevator, or are a contractor responsible for its repair and maintenance, this Premier Elevator repair and maintenance questionnaire will help you. 1.How often should I service my elevator equipment? […]

Does your Elevator Take Much Time to Open?

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Slow, sluggish, dull – we dislike all such things. If your elevator takes unexpected time to open, then definitely it’s something unacceptable. Long wait time and slow speed is in fact one of the major elevator problems you can’t ignore. Let’s find the reasons and know what kind of elevator repair and maintenance is required […]

5 Safety Recommendations for Elevators

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No building accessory is used as frequently as an elevator. At home or work, we can’t imagine a day without it. Interestingly, like your health, it also deserves care and maintenance from time to time. It’s better to give it a preventive care than waiting for an emergency to act upon. Premier Elevator Cabs, the […]

3 Major Elevator Problems That You Can’t Ignore

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You might have experienced or heard of problems related to elevator performance and safety. Sometimes, the problems go unnoticed, but at times it triggers serious concern. Elevator is an important accessory of a building and its fitness is linked with the convenience and safety of the occupants of the building. Here are 3 major elevator […]

The 4 Key Elements of Quality Elevator Redesign

Quality Elevator Redesign

Review, research, planning, execution, and quality assessment – elevator redesigning is a complex work that involves all. Elevator design and engineering professionals have to follow each and every process religiously, i.e., without fail or error. To help you make the most of your investment, Premier Elevator Cabs, provides a checklist of quality elevator redesign. 1. […]

How to Cut Your Elevator Remodeling Costs?

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Real estate agents, builders, contractors and owners often send us query regarding the elevator remodeling cost. This made us to share this blog post with you. However, it deals with interior modelling only. Elevator remodeling can fullfil two prime objectives: improve aesthetics, and durability. Learn 5 ways to cut your interior elevator remodeling cost. Elevator […]

Why You Need an Elevator Redesign Company

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Elevator has become a basic need nowadays, particularly in multi-storey buildings. Whether you are a contractor accountable for the elevator maintenance, builder or real estate agents involved in the sale or purchase, or owner, you simply can’t overlook the health or condition of your elevator. Here comes the role of an elevator redesign company. Here […]