How Elevator Cladding Services Fix Dent and Deep Scratch Effectively

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Oxidation/rusting, scratches and denting of the metallic surface of an elevator is one of the most important factors that ruin not just its elegance but also compromises its performance, and the overall safety of the occupants. Your elevator is one of the most important assets in your building. It deserves your due attention. Learn how […]

Does That Location of An Elevator In A Modern Building Matter?

Does the Location of an Elevator in a Modern Building Matter? Elevators, when properly positioned, can add aesthetic as well as real estate value to your office complex or commercial building. Consider the fact that elevators are the first thing one looks for when attempting to reach a particular business or person. Elevators connect the […]

Top 5 Elevator Cab Design Considerations

Advancements in Elevator Cab Design Technology are adding great value to how we live and work. We get comfort, happiness and ease of living with aesthetically vivid applications of technology. Technology has had a great impact on civil construction, particularly in the mesmerizing results presented in the quality construction of modern buildings. Elevators have come […]

Elevator cab Design in the Agile Ecosystem

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Smart building methods under the Agile Umbrella promise to user lower energy and carbon footprints and increase user efficiency and value to the community. As a means of vertical transport in upwardly mobile workspaces and residences, elevators form a vital part of the Agile ecosystem. What Does Agile Design Mean for Buildings and Smart Cities […]

Improving Elevator Environments through Digital Technologies

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Implementing new digital technologies in elevator systems is more than just about adding more sensors and gadgets. Like with every other product in the era of ‘tech convergence’, elevator design must address questions of user convenience. Making Elevators Easy for the User User convenience is a key part of User Experience design, i.e., incorporating the […]

Catching the fall: How Safe is your Elevator?

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Being trapped in enclosed spaces in mid-fall is a fear that a surprisingly large number of people have in common. While modern elevators follow multiple guidelines for safety and structural integrity, fears have been raised that attempts at meeting rising office space and energy prices may be taking away from safety features in elevator cab […]

Five Ways to Enhance Enclosed Spaces in Elevator Cab Interior Design

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There is, perhaps, no more enclosed space in a building than the elevator cab. Enclosed spaces can lead to a feeling of being trapped, helpless, cramped and congested. An elevator is the last place you would want to be in an earthquake. This calls for a case to revise current designs that have focused overwhelmingly […]

Get Into the Green Scene

Choosing the Right Material for Elevator Interiors

Society today has become aware of the need to include environmentally friendly materials into our buildings. The use of recycled and re-purposed products helps not only our environment but our health as well. Today’s products are available using less chemicals, like formaldehyde and volatile solvents, in the fabrication process. Durable, Sustainable, Healthier… a few of […]

Matte-Black: Don’t be Afraid of the Dark!

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Black is such a timeless color that can be paired with wide varieties of colors, designs, and materials. Within the last year, matte-black has made an even bigger impact in interior design with its simple, contemporary look. If the idea of adding black to a small space, like an elevator, seems a bit intimidating, rest […]