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Explore Environment Friendly Elevator Options for Your Building

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  Many areas can be addressed when it comes to making our buildings more environmentally friendly. Many options exist for reducing a building’s carbon footprint, from lighting and heating to insulation and materials. One area that is often overlooked, however, is elevators. These machines may seem small compared to the rest of the building, but […]

How To Enhance The Image Of Your Elevator With The Right Accessories

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Elevators are the lifelines of multistorey buildings. They are a must for convenience, efficiency, and accessibility. Since it is the most used way of vertical transportation in a building, it is crucial to maintain it properly. Safety: A well-maintained elevator is less likely to experience mechanical failures or other issues that could put passengers at […]

What You Need To Do To Weatherproof Your Elevator During The Winter

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Winter is here and we are all ready to watch the temperature plummet. Like most machines, elevators are sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. So, this winter season, take the time to weatherproof your elevator and avoid any sudden shutdowns due to unforeseen damage to the elevator. It is important to take care of the […]

3 Issues Commonly Found During an Elevator Inspection

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Elevator breakdowns are undesirable as they cause inconvenience and cost you time, money, and productivity. Hence elevator inspections are an integral part of preventive elevator maintenance plans. Implementing such maintenance practices decrease the incidence of breakdown and minimize elevator downtime. You can hire the services of a professional elevator service company that can carry out […]

What Features Should All Commercial Elevators Have?

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Elevators are the backbone of a multi-storied commercial complex. It is one of the most expensive additions to the building, one that is installed with a long-term view. So, ample thought and research must go into choosing the right elevator with all the desired features. There are many factors to consider when it comes to […]

Elevator Door Types: A Comprehensive Guide

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  The elevator door has different roles to play, of course, the first is the functional one – to open safely, smoothly, and efficiently every time the elevator stops at a floor. There is also an aesthetic element to it; the first thing you will notice about an elevator is the door. Different elevator door […]

How Can Technology Help You Maintain Your Elevator More Efficiently?

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Technology is leading the way for elevator maintenance. Building IoT devices can predict with reasonable accuracy when issues in your elevator may arise, thus helping to schedule preventive maintenance appropriately. IoT devices manage many elevator performance data and can efficiently analyze the same to predict maintenance requirements. It can minimize the chances of elevator breakdown […]

Elevator Modernization: Make Your Elevator as Good as New

Elevator Modernization: Make Your Elevator as Good as New

Slow-moving elevator cabs, elevators shutting down frequently for repair, jerks and tremors during the elevator ride, etc., all point to the fact that it’s time to upgrade or modernize your elevator. The typical life of an elevator is about 20 years. In this period, the elevator machinery suffers usual wear and tear, and eventually, its […]