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Commercial Elevator Design: What You Need to Know

Elevators are a must in a multi-storied commercial building and a well-thought-out and designed elevator can elevate the look and elevate of a commercial building. While the safety of the elevator design is crucial, it is also important that certain design aspects are taken into account so that it suits the image and vibe of […]

What Preventative Maintenance Can Do for Your Elevator Lifespan


Elevators are a piece of vital equipment in building premises for the movement of people and cargo. It comprises several moving parts and some complex, interconnected systems. They are precise and durable, yet as in any complex machinery, they need special care for sustained optimized performance and enhanced lifespan. A preventive maintenance plan involves regular […]

How Accessibility Affects Your Commercial Property?

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The importance of accessibility in commercial spaces cannot be stated enough. When building commercial premises, always think of ways to accommodate people from all walks of life. Installing an accessible elevator is one of the ways to make your commercial accessible for people with physical disabilities. Do you know about 20% of the American population […]

How Often Do Commercial Elevators Need Maintenance?

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Commercial elevators are the backbone of multi-storeyed business complexes. You cannot afford them to be out of order during business hours as it can hurt the reputation of the premises and cost you money in business. Having a proper maintenance schedule for commercial elevators is a must to ensure their smooth operation. Since commercial elevators […]

What Factors Determine Number of Elevators A Building Requires

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Determining the number of elevators needed in a building is not a case of simple maths. The decision needs to be made considering several factors, including the building type, the expected footfalls and traffic pattern, the passenger waiting time, and more. Since an elevator is installed in a building during the construction stage, we have […]

How to Bring Luxury with Elevator in Your Commercial Space?

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Commercial spaces typically have a busy ambiance with the movement of people and goods happening all around the day. Installation of the elevator in a commercial space makes transportation inside the premises hassle-free, and it brings an element of luxury and enhances the place’s safety. Several factors must be considered when planning for a custom […]

Select The Right Elevator for Your Next Hotel!

Select The Right Elevator for Your Next Hotel

A great deal of thought goes into the architecture of a hotel, and a very important part of the design and construction process is to choose the right elevator. Elevators are a must for the movement of the guests and hotel staff inside the hotel premises. They enhance the check-in experience of guests and make […]

Three Key Strategies Buildings with Elevators Want to Adopt

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Elevators are the safest vertical transport medium in a high-rise building. However, elevator-related accidents are not entirely non-existent. Some of these accidents result from passengers not following appropriate elevator guidelines, while some are due to a fault in the machine itself. While passengers must be aware of how to ride the elevator properly, they must […]

7 Quick Steps for Commercial Buildings to Reduce Elevator Operating Costs

7 Quick Steps for Commercial Buildings to Reduce Elevator Operating Costs

In today’s time, elevators have become a much-needed part of commercial buildings. They make the movement of people and wares so much easier and faster that now we cannot envisage business places, warehouses, and other such commercial buildings without commercial elevators. Elevators have evolved with time, and today we have elevators serving us in every […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Modernize Your Commercial Elevator

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What many people don’t understand that modernizing your commercial elevator is tremendously important. The mechanical parts of the Elevator including the dry rails can be affected due to constant use. Because of the lack of lubricant on the guide rails, weather change etc. the elevator is constantly affected. To dodge this problem; modernizing your commercial […]