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Maximizing Space in Your Elevator Cab: Tips and Tricks for Elevator Cab Renovations

Tips and Tricks for Elevator Cab Renovations

Elevator cabs are essential to modern buildings, providing access to various floors and allowing people to move around easily. If your elevator is outdated and you are looking to upgrade it, you should consider hiring elevator cab renovations services from a reputed company. The space inside an old elevator cab is often limited, and building […]

Choose The Best Contemporary Elevators That Meet Building Design

Choose The Best Contemporary Elevators That Meet Building Design

The best contemporary elevators that meet building design in 2021 are characterized by comfort, convenience, functionality, compactness, and minimalism. See-through materials are common, as are cable-driven or pneumatic drive systems, along with the use of energy-efficient processes. Modular design, i.e., a method where parts are broken down for mass manufacturing and ease of installation, is […]

How we designed the US Supreme Court Elevator Cab

How we designed the US Supreme Court Elevator Cab

This is the story of how Premier Elevators designed the US Supreme Court elevator cab as an exact replica of the original American quartered white oak that burned down in an electrical fire thirty years ago. After the fire incident, only a standard laminated panel had been installed but never replaced. Our challenge was to […]

Top Ten Extraordinary Exterior Elevators Design by Premier Elevator Cabs

extraordinary exterior elevators design

Not many elevator cabs were built to be observed. They sincerely do their job and only attract public attention when they are out of order. Still some elevators not only deliver practical mobility solutions, they also overwhelm people with beautiful interiors or by overcoming special design challenges posed by unconventional architecture. The very very few […]

Enhance the Elevator Wall Panels at Affordable Price

enhance the elevator wall panels

Lifts play an important role in the design of a building, especially when there are more than 3 floors. The elevator is the second most often seen part of a building after the lobby, so the aesthetics are important. The thumb rule is that the elevator wall panels should be changed every 10 years. However, […]

The Art of Using Wood Panels in An Elevator

elevator panels services

Modern interior design is quickly picking up on wooden flooring and elevator wall panels. Yet, some interior designers shy away from incorporating wood in an elevator. This may seem like a relatable perspective when you look around and you find stainless steel to be synonymous with modern corporate decor. Whether you are planning for an elevator […]

Go for Right Elevator Cabs Interior Engineering Service

elevators designs

Elevator interiors, whether in one elevator or host of elevators should be designed to match the décor and ambiance of a building. Determining what that feeling can establish whether the elevator interior is electrifying & cheerful or clamming & relaxing. Going back to your home in a high-rise luxury condo at the end of the […]