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5 Sustainable Elevator Cab Interior Design Ideas!

If the current consumption and production patterns remain the same and with a rising population expected to reach 9.6 billion, by 2050, we will need two more planets like the Earth to sustain our ways of living and consumption, reads the UN’s website. We will reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations by […]

What Elevator Technologies Enable Vertical Transport in the World’s Tallest Buildings

Vertical transport places huge demand and mechanical stress on elevator technologies in the world’s tallest buildings. Consider a skyscraper that is used by thousands of people with each person using an elevator, on average, 6 times a day. If there are 8 elevators installed in a high-rise building, the traffic would easily reach 48,000 rides […]

What to Do When Elevator Doors Take Too Long to Open

The slow movement of the elevator door is a common issue. Most of the time, owners take it for granted which is wrong. Malfunctioned elevator doors account for several injuries and deaths. Premier Elevator, one of the leading elevator cab companies in the USA, talks about what to do when elevator doors take too long […]

What Happens to Elevators After A Power Failure?

Electric energy changes into mechanical energy and your elevator cabs move up or down based on your command. With no power, your elevator equipment is of no use. From extreme weather conditions to technical grid and distribution problems – many factors attribute to a sudden power failure. Premier Elevator Cabs explains what happens when your […]

What is the Optimum Life Span of Your Elevator (and How to Extend it to the Max)

Determining the optimum life span of typical elevators requires that you factor in elevator usage, daily traffic, average loads carried per month, and the life cycle of the elevator interior design materials that you employ. Most elevator websites will tell you that a typical elevator installation will give you between 20 to 25 years of […]

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

New elevator cladding serves two major purposes – rectifying the rust and corrosion that has accumulated on elevator walls over time and beautifying old elevators during commercial building renovations. New cladding is a great opportunity to make your elevator walls, lobby walls, and entrance walls waterproof and fire-resistant. Besides, it’s much more economical to clad […]

Enhance Home Elevators to Custom Fit your Needs

Buying a residential elevator for your home can be a straight forward process with the right planning and information. A residential elevator is available in many different types and styles. So what do you need to know before you invest in a customized home elevator? Investing in home elevator installation is one of the many […]

How to Become an Elevator Engineer

Elevator Engineer

Elevator Engineers assemble, install, and repair elevators. An elevator Engineer learns through an apprenticeship program and must understand electronics, hydraulics, and electricity. Engineers are also involved in elevator interior remodeling and elevator cab interior design. Excellent opportunities are available for those who want to enter this profession. In this free career guide, you will learn […]