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What do Elevator Inspectors do During Elevator Inspections?

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The elevators in a multi-storied building provide the owners/visitors with a fast and reliable vertical transport system within the premises. But as is with any machinery, elevators have to be maintained in good working condition so that they can provide seamless service to their users. Property owners who do not put elevator repair and maintenance […]

College & University Elevator Installation & Maintenance

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Elevators provide safe and easy access for all in educational institutions. The law mandates to make the premise accessible to students with special needs. Hence installing the right elevator in the college/university premises and looking after its maintenance and upkeep is paramount. An elevator company offering elevator engineering services can help you in making the […]

Mobility Is Transforming Elevator Safety & Maintenance

Mobility Is Transforming Elevator Safety & Maintenance

Automation has changed the elevator industry big time, and in the coming years, the industry is all set to experience even more dramatic shifts in how things are done. Advanced mobile solutions will become a norm and impact how elevator safety and maintenance are taken care of. The use of IoT sensors is already in […]

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

New elevator cladding serves two major purposes – rectifying the rust and corrosion that has accumulated on elevator walls over time and beautifying old elevators during commercial building renovations. New cladding is a great opportunity to make your elevator walls, lobby walls, and entrance walls waterproof and fire-resistant. Besides, it’s much more economical to clad […]

How to Become an Elevator Engineer

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Elevator Engineers assemble, install, and repair elevators. An elevator Engineer learns through an apprenticeship program and must understand electronics, hydraulics, and electricity. Engineers are also involved in elevator interior remodeling and elevator cab interior design. Excellent opportunities are available for those who want to enter this profession. In this free career guide, you will learn […]