Commercial Elevator Design: What You Need to Know

commercial elevator design

Elevators are a must in a multi-storied commercial building and a well-thought-out and designed elevator can elevate the look and elevate of a commercial building. While the safety of the elevator design is crucial, it is also important that certain design aspects are taken into account so that it suits the image and vibe of your commercial building and impresses visitors.

Important Design Aspects of Commercial Elevators

Elevator Flooring

Elevator flooring is an important aspect of the elevator design, both from the design as well as safety perspective. If you are remodeling the elevator and are tight on budget, you can consider upgrading just the elevator floor. The elevator floor bears the most wear and tear as people step in and out of it all day. A change in it will significantly improve the feel of the elevator. You should go for non-slip floorings like non-slip vinyl composition tile, non-slip rubber flooring, and commercial carpeting. It is especially useful when users step into a lift after walking in the rain. Changing the flooring doesn’t take much time, so there won’t be any significant downtime for the elevators.

Elevator Handrails

Elevator handrails make the elevator design safe and offer stability to people who need support. When ergonomically designed the handrails appear to be a part of the elevator design seamlessly.

Elevator Ceilings

An important aspect of the elevator design is the elevator ceiling. You can explore various options in it. Your commercial elevator design company can help you with simple, elegant, as well as ornamental designs depending on your taste and budget.

Invest in a LED Light Panel System

The right kind of LED light panel system can take the look of your elevator to a whole new level. Explore various options in a thin LED light panel system that streams uniform light in the elevator cab.

If you a constructing new business premises, you can get the elevator custom designed as per the needs of your building. In case you are remodeling your existing building, there are many options to explore to update your existing outdated elevator.

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