Committed to a Clean, Enclosed Environment!

Have you noticed your elevator to be hot, musty, and stale? Most managers don’t realize that the elevator ventilation units are not a part of their maintenance contracts. Up to 90% of elevator fans are not maintained and often completely non-functioning!

Remove 97.9% of virus particles in 60 seconds with our new Antibacterial Ventilation System!

Providing a clean environment in an enclosed space, such as an elevator, is of the utmost importance. Premier Elevator Cabs can now provide your building with equipment that will remove over 99% of airborne virus particles from the air in your elevators.

Our system filters the air for viruses and blasts it with UV light before letting it enter the cab. The system is self-monitoring with an audible notification when the system needs attention. Keep your tenants and guests comfortable and safe with our new system.


  • Can be installed as a replacement to your existing, outdated cab ventilation system.
  • Works with your existing 110v ventilation feed so no additional wiring is necessary.
  • Self-monitoring system with an audible notification when the system needs service.
  • Remote mounted UV status indicators are also available.
  • Up to 99.97% @ 0.3 micron for the gold standard of filtration.
  • Up to three speeds for fast air exchanges
  • Dual HEPA and UVC Germicidal filtration.

Premier Elevator now offers annual maintenance contracts for elevator ventilation systems, so rest assured that your system will always be functioning properly.

We also offer standard replacements for your existing ventilation system.

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