Different types of Elevator Wall Designs

Design plays an important role in making the human condition of living more attractive, more convenient, securer and simpler. The contribution of your elevator wall design in your living is of no less significance. Here are some unique Elevator Wall Design ideas from Premier Elevator Cabs.


Elevator Wall Ceiling Design

This is a block design pattern comprising rectangular and square shapes with beautiful linings. How your elevator designer arranges the small and big geometrical shapes on the interiors, and entrance frames can make a big difference to the overall look and appearance of the elevator as well as the building walls.


Elevator Wall Designs

The design brings the image of metal works and art forms of the Millennium Gallery, located in Sheffield, the English county of South Yorkshire alive. Comprising of a rectangular block on all three sides of the elevator’s interior, the classic design is perfect for all types of residential or commercial buildings.


Elevator Interior Companies

The design derives its name from Middleton, a city in Dane County, Wisconsin, United States, which is nicknamed as “The Good Neighbor City.” So, this elevator design featuring rectangular blocks arranged vertically and horizontally as illustrated above is neighbor that makes sure your life is full of all goodness. The selection of contrasting padding or cladding can further enhance the grandeur of the elevator cabs you use.


Elevator Interiors

Simplicity takes elegance to a new level. Parallelly placed blocks on the entrance and sides of an elevator. Use a contrasting color of blocks in the middle if you wish to create a fine contrast. Combination of the elevator design with the right illumination can do wonders. Wondering about the budget? Well, it depends on the material you choose.


Lift Interior Designs

Addison in Dallas County, Texas is known for its beautiful parks and event venues like Addison Circle Park. Premier Elevator Cabs provides a design at par with the city’s stature. The elevator design comprising rectangular blocks only an all sides with classic finish oozes professionalism from its every element. This could be a perfect match for your corporate building and apartment. The simplistic plain design needs minimal care and maintenance.



Lift Wall Designs


Berkshire in England is known for its iconic architectural magnificence including Windsor Castle. Standing true to that legacy, Berkshire elevator design for Premier Elevator Cabs complements the contemporary lifestyle in a never-before way. Flat square and rectangular shapes on the entrance and interiors with contrasting colors characterize this elevator design. Pair the ambiance with the right light-saving LED illumination to accentuate the look and appearance of your elevator.

Wondering about the budget? Or the selection of the right elevator design? Get in touch with a Premier Elevator Cabs consultant today.

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