Does your Elevator Take Much Time to Open?

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Slow, sluggish, dull – we dislike all such things. If your elevator takes unexpected time to open, then definitely it’s something unacceptable. Long wait time and slow speed is in fact one of the major elevator problems you can’t ignore.

Let’s find the reasons and know what kind of elevator repair and maintenance is required to overcome this problem, and avoid its recurrence.

Key Reasons& Solutions

1. Faulty Door Drive or Door Control

Door drive or door control regulates the operation of door operator, which in turn controls the door panel’s movement. Modern days elevators have IC (Integrated Circuit)-powered door control system or package. The IC has two main components, namely, power sources and controller inputs to regulate the voltage supply and take and execute the commands by the users. The impulse triggered by the press of call button gets recorded in the ICs and the desired message gets decoded from digital to mechanical, thereby causing the movement of the door as and when required as per the user’s commands.Except the operation voltage other systems remain same across most of the residential or commercial elevator types that exist. Elevator engineers repair or replace the drive control as per the requirements.

2. Error with Door Operator Installation

Usually the manufacturer provides detailed manual or information to help engineers install the door operator. Sometimes, failure in complying with the manual leads to a disharmony amidst the components of the operator including drive, crank, and drive pulley that work together to control the forward (closure) or backward movement (opening) of the elevator door. Generally, a step-by-step adjustment exercise is required: Moving the door to the fully closed position; Re-attaching the connecting link in this position, turning the drive sheave, manually moving the doors to the full-open position; If the door is short of or past where it should be at fully opened, shortening or lengthen the crank arm to adjust the travel. However, do not perform it on your own. Such issues usually happen with a newly installed elevator. Bring it into the notice of your elevator redesign company.

Why You Should Not Ignore the Problem

Ignoring the problems with the door drive and door operator are not just an irritating user experience, but it also gives way to other problems. First, unnecessary friction amidst the components of the door operator results into early damage of the operator, which adds to your elevator maintenance budget. Further damage may also lead to any unpleasant situations when the door doesn’t open at all and somebody gets stuck inside. Second, the delay in the opening of door delays the overall movement of the cab and causes more electricity consumption. Be ready to pay more electricity bills every month. Third, any fault with the door’s control system may trigger short-circuit, which can have a fatal consequence.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial elevator, you should always get the problems addressed at your earliest. Ask your elevator design and manufacturing company, if it’s under warranty. Otherwise, seek assistance from a third-party elevator design and engineering company. Do cross-check their accreditation and past work before taking a call on elevator repair and maintenance.

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