Elevator cab Design in the Agile Ecosystem

Smart building methods under the Agile Umbrella promise to user lower energy and carbon footprints and increase user efficiency and value to the community. As a means of vertical transport in upwardly mobile workspaces and residences, elevators form a vital part of the Agile ecosystem.

What Does Agile Design Mean for Buildings and Smart Cities

The term, ‘Agile’, was first used by software engineers to denote user-centric application design processes. Since then, this word has been expanded to cover many other projects, including construction and architecture. In building design, Agile construction means engaging users of the building as stakeholders and co-designers. Their workspace use patterns, their current and future habits, and the goals of the business are taken into active consideration in smart building design.

Characteristics of Agile Buildings

For businesses, building costs shouldn’t just be a sunk cost. They should be able to provide effective returns in terms of increased productivity for the owners of these assets. Agile construction aims to develop viable workspaces in the smallest space possible. Such a construction is optimized toward productivity, efficiency and made as free from risk as possible. It has the potential to add value to the organization in the future. It uses the least amount of energy in terms of appliances and workstations and provides easy access to recreation, recharge, brainstorming or creative spaces.

Increasing Access to Work Destinations through Agile Elevator Design

In terms of access to horizontal departments and systems, users in one group should be allowed to handle portable workstations and seating arrangements. Access times can be shortened by intelligent elevator systems that register user destinations at kiosks in place of the elevator cab. Computer applications then analyze the request, match security clearances against databases and grant access to the floor chosen. Once the user has registered her request, the system checks elevator traffic, and categorizes people on the basis of where they need to go assigns elevators. Users can then be dispatched to their respective destinations in a precise and controlled manner.

The advantage is that there is less chance of overcrowding, fewer stops and better use of elevator capacity, even as average travel times are significantly reduced. Users reach their destinations earlier and there is an effective increase in system efficiency. In other words, there is an increase in user convenience, satisfaction, and the mental faculties required in doing a better job.

Minimizing disruptions through Agile Elevator Systems

Digitally connected systems and monitors play a very important role in tracking the progress of projects and identify and fill in the gaps where required. Maintenance and monitoring can be performed from a central location. Security personnel can restrict access to certain floors for certain intervals. One can also designate how many and which elevators are to service a particular floor at any time. In this manner, several elements of centralized control are passed to an oversight manager. This ensures that unexpected disruptions are prevented before they happen.

The word ‘agile’ means the ability to move quickly, resourcefully and be able to adapt to any situation. Businesses need these capabilities in order to survive in increasingly cutthroat, dynamic and uncertain markets. It’s time your elevator matched your business expectations!

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