Elevator ceiling panels: know all your option!

Designing Your Elevator is at times a tough nut to crack. The perfect Elevator ceiling panels not only enhance the beauty of the elevator but you don’t need to change them very soon. A variety of ceiling designs that can complement virtually any style in a building are needed to be looked at.

Features of a good Elevator Ceiling:

• Well-Lit
• Reliable
• Attractive
• Complements the elevator design as a whole
• Safe and sound-proof
• Friction proof from the machinery above

All these features result in overall better performance and the look of the elevator. Even though the major objective of your elevator is to deliver quick, smooth and comfortable transport between floors; but the elevator ceiling says a lot about the efficiency itself. An elevator provides convenience to individuals with mobility challenges, such as a walker and wheelchair users. Building residents and tenants often base a percentage of their overall customer experiences and satisfaction on the dependability of the elevators. Elevators and its ceiling ought to be a significant factor when assessing your building’s elevator needs.

With an endless amount of different materials, colours, and patterns to choose from, a custom elevator outlinessuitable according to your tastes and preferences is required. Even if you already have an idea in mind; it’snot at all a problem. There are many ways in which you can match any design that best meets your needs. Some of the best Elevator ceiling panels designs include:

• Newman

This is a standard design that suits any look. The Newman is especially perfect for elevators with corner exit panels.

• Belmont

Similar to the Newman, except this ceiling includes a perimeter around the panels for more depth. The Belmont is great for those who are looking for a more up scale look.

• Copperfield

Simple, yet effective. This design is deal for elevators with a cantered exit panel for easy access.

• Grandview

A big hit! This design is the one with a combination of downlights and L-shaped LED corner lights, the Grandview is the ultimate way to make an impression.

• Aluminium Grid

This is the design with Aluminium Grid Suspended Ceiling.
If you want to contemplate modernizing and upgrade your elevator ceiling, you’ll need a professional who can systematically evaluate the performance and safety of your elevators. Performance and safety factors include acceleration and deceleration, floor levelling precision, wait times, vibration, elevator interiors, sounds, and door open and close times etc. In many scenarios, you may be able to work minor improvements into your budget with time. As long as you hire a reliable company for the job, observe the difference.

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