Elevator Door Types: A Comprehensive Guide


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The elevator door has different roles to play, of course, the first is the functional one – to open safely, smoothly, and efficiently every time the elevator stops at a floor. There is also an aesthetic element to it; the first thing you will notice about an elevator is the door. Different elevator door types combine different elements of functionality, safety, and aesthetics. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of elevator doors – manual and automatic. You can still find manual elevator doors in old buildings, but the newest construction now opts for automatic doors. They come with the added benefits of speed controls, motion sensors, obstacle detection, and more.

Elevator Door Types Based on Door Opening Configurations:

– Single Speed Door:

This type of elevator door is the most economical; it has the least moving part. The door moves on one side, either, left or right. It needs twice the width of the elevator entrance to open fully.

– 2-Speed Doors:

This type has two doors sliding in the same direction, one slower and the other faster. It needs 1.5th of the space for the elevator entrance to open fully.

– Single Speed Center Opening Door:

The two doors of the elevator slide at the same speed but in the opposite direction. The doors open from the center of the elevator.

– Two Speed Center Opening Door

The opening works the same as above, but with two speeds, it is faster and saves boarding time for guests.

A professional elevator service company can assist you in deciding which type of elevator door opening is best for your building needs. It needs an understanding of the expected traffic and the purpose of the elevator. Side sliding elevator doors are very common in parking lots and small business premises as they are quite efficient in their operation. Center parting doors are faster in operation and saves time for passenger. They are ideal for building that sees consistent footfalls like apartment complexes, large businesses, malls, offices, etc.

The door frames and elevator entrance play a big role in the overall look. Here are a couple of options to choose from for different elevator exterior designs look:

Glass: Glass elevator entrances either full or partial are the choice of many. It is often seen in public places like malls, subways, hotels, etc., as it helps in preventing vandalism and crime.

Steel: There are many options in steel – plain or decorative. It is sturdy and is often used in offices, retail spaces, apartment complexes, etc.

If your elevator doors are damaged, or if you are going for an elevator interior remodeling, you can consider changing the elevator doors. A professional elevator service company like Premier Elevator Cabs can help you with elevator remodeling. With 25+ years of experience in the field, they know what it takes to provide their clients with the best options to choose from. Call them today for a free consultation.