Elevator Interiors: The Unexplored Possibilities to Transform Your Building

What comes in your mind while redesigning an elevator for your building? You probably will be thinking of providing the passengers safe and reliable transportation within the building. The elevator is a commodity that requires to be offered and not as a design element in and of itself.

In conventional building designs, the construction of elevator systems is concentrated on the security and safety of the passengers which leads to less of an interesting elevator car design and structural fabrication. Eventually, there’s been a quality development of the structural integrity of the elevator cabs which can be found in many of the original buildings throughout the world.

In modern days, technological advancement in elevator construction and design allows for creativity. Elevator interior has become a distinctive, iconic feature of the building while becoming the attractive point of a lobby with its beautiful finishes and uber chic design.

There a few things that will most likely dictate which elevator interior option is right for you:


These are the most trustworthy elevator remodeling options that come in almost every color you think of. If budget is the major problem, a standard laminate will withstand the taste of time as it is more resilient to excavating, tearing, and nefarious odor retention.

Wood Veneers

Wood Veneers are not all created the same. The most resilient product is resin-hardened wood. Made with natural wood veneers that are imbued with a protective melamine resin as resin-hardened wood offers the best wear and tear resistance.

If a design requires the use of wood in a high-traffic elevator, consider a service provider that lets you specify wood for the upper panels only. However stainless steel is a better choice for the handrail panels, lower panels, and kick plates. This sturdy configuration is abrasion resistance and good in the long run. If wood damage occurs, that will be more inexpensive to replace smaller panels.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel has a universal appeal. It is durable, economical, and requires less maintenance. It’s one of the inexpensive ways for improving the visual impact of the elevator cab without dramatically increasing the price.
However conventional satin and polished finishes may be retouched and patterns can effectively conceal fingerprinting minor scratches, and other signs of use; and mechanically applied finishes actually strengthen the surface of the steel.

Even if you want to changes the aesthetics of your elevator design without investing much, the oxidation process. This process removes deep scratches and minor scratches. Premier Elevator Cabs offers this oxidation process for elevators with stainless steel. Stainless steel elevators are sustainable – the high recycled content and long life-cycle of stainless steel make it an excellent choice.

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