Enhance the Elevator Wall Panels at Affordable Price

Lifts play an important role in the design of a building, especially when there are more than 3 floors. The elevator is the second most often seen part of a building after the lobby, so the aesthetics are important. The thumb rule is that the wall panels should be changed every 10 years. However, depending on the needs of your building, the level of wear and tear and your budget, you need to work out the best solution.

So, does your elevator interior look dull or have scratches all over? When should you upgrade it? Will it be expensive?

A professional elevator maintenance company will advise you on different types of possibilities of upgrading the elevator interior apart from changing the old interior.

Elevator Metal Refinishing

There are many ways to uplift the appearance of an elevator cab but the best and most affordable way is Metal Refinishing.  The metal restoration service can remove scratches, vandalism, scrapes, and other damage which is pretty inexpensive than entirely replacing elevator wall panels and doors.

The metal restoration experts apply new coatings with a number of mechanical sanding and hand polishing. This process eliminates the scratches from stainless steel and leaves the elevator doors with a brand-new finish.

Elevator Refinishing

Elevator Oxidation 

Following metal restoration, Oxidation is another inexpensive way to change the entire look of your elevator. With this approach, elevator maintenance companies chemically treat the surface resulting in darker tones. The finish ranges from light to near black depending upon customer needs. This will enhance the look and help hide those imperfections that come with the time.

To successfully upgrade your elevator aesthetically, you need to hire a professional elevator interior designer. Premier Elevator Cabs, with years of rich expertise in upgrading elevators, ensure that your needs are met in full.

Budgeting Your Elevator Cab Interior Upgrade

Your expenditure will depend upon what you are looking for – whether an affordable, cost-effective interior upgrade or a fancy one. Costs also vary in terms of your choice of materials ranging from wood products, stone, glass, metals, and solid surfacing.

Our services include wall panels, lighting, ceilings, cladding, floors, and Refinishing/Oxidation. Premier Elevator Cab Solutions is well-known for keeping up with the newest green products available and appraising the amount and standard impact of their use for our clients.

Speak to the expert team at Premier Elevator Cabs. We offer the latest and cutting-edge elevator solutions and designs. Our engineers advise you on remodeling of your elevator cab interiors and consult you on new construction and modernization custom-tailored to suit your budget.

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