Get Into the Green Scene

Society today has become aware of the need to include environmentally friendly materials into our buildings. The use of recycled and re-purposed products helps not only our environment but our health as well. Today’s products are available using less chemicals, like formaldehyde and volatile solvents, in the fabrication process.

Durable, Sustainable, Healthier… a few of the reasons to think “green”!

Available products to assist in the effort include:

Metals: Re-purposed or containing varying percentages of recycled material.

Tile: Ceramic tiles made of 25%-100% of post-industrial of post-consumer waste from the production of other types of tile, mining operation, or recycled glass! This would normally go into a landfill but when manufactured as tile, wears better and scratches less than regular tile. Some glazes now contain no lead so they are safer for the installers!

Laminated wall surfaces: Using multiple layers of recycled paper or composed of recycled polyester, there are products which are extremely durable, fire-rated, and come in a multitude of finishes, colors, and sizes.

Floor and wall products: Re-purposed or fast-growing, sustainable woods, such as bamboo.

Solid surface: Sintered stone

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