Guide For Property Managers on Renovating Elevators

elevator cab renovations

Are you thinking about renovating the elevators of your property? You must then consider several aspects of it right from getting the permits to getting the work started, budget, and the various design options. The elevator cab interiors are expected to last about a decade or two after which they should be upgraded or renovated to maintain their look and feel. With time and usage, the elevator interior suffers wear and tear and some issues inevitably come up. The door cladding can get loose, dents, scratches, and chipping will surface, the lighting will get inefficient, the decor will get outdated, or the safety features will not be up to date as per the latest building codes.
Here are the things you should keep in mind when renovating elevators:

– Code Compliant Design

The interior of the elevator must comply with ADA laws. So, get an engineering assessment done before you go ahead with the renovation project. It is best to take the services of a certified professional elevator service company like Premier Elevator Cabs. They are well versed with the latest laws and are licensed to deliver the services while maintaining safety standards.

– Understanding the Cost Involved

There are several costs involved in elevator cab renovations. Make sure you make a provision for everything involved in your budget – cladding, lighting, flooring, interior finishing, and more. The door of the elevators needs to be removed to get the cladding done, so make provision for removing and reinstalling the doors.
The elevator needs to be weighed before starting and after completing the project. All the safety tests must be conducted to assess the safety of the cab.

– Consider All the Designs Aspects

There are several design aspects to address when renovating elevators. The elevator cab aesthetics, exterior elevator design, and metal refinishing remove minor scratches, or cladding for deep dents. You can play around with the wall design, the cab lighting, and more.
There are several benefits of renovating a worn-out elevator. Tenant satisfaction, enhancing the aesthetic appeal, and increasing the worth of your property are some of the major ones.

To ensure that the project is completed within the given timeline and within the specified budget, hire the services of a professional elevator service company. For any elevator renovation projects in MD, VA, DC, NC, and DE, the experts at Premier Elevator Cabs can help. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, they know what it takes to design an elevator best suited to your needs. Get in touch with them today.