How Accessibility Affects Your Commercial Property?

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The importance of accessibility in commercial spaces cannot be stated enough. When building commercial premises, always think of ways to accommodate people from all walks of life. Installing an accessible elevator is one of the ways to make your commercial accessible for people with physical disabilities. Do you know about 20% of the American population have a functional disability that affects their ability to walk, climb stairs, hold an object, see or hear? To safeguard the rights of people with disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates certain features to the included in new commercial buildings like wheelchair ramps, accessible elevators, and parking spaces for people with disabilities. For older premises, the owners must take the initiative to make the building accessible for everyone.

Taking care of accessibility in commercial buildings is not just about complying with the law but also about making everyone feel welcome on the premises. If your commercial building doesn’t make everyone feel comfortable, then your potential client may look for space elsewhere, which would negatively impact your business. Providing accessibility also ensures that employees working in your building have the means to perform their essential job functions with ease. Installing an elevator helps immensely in this regard.

The Benefits of Elevators

Most commercial property owners hire an elevator service company who can choose and install the right elevator for the premises and help with the elevator interior. The benefits of having an elevator in your commercial building are numerous. As we discussed, people with disability make up a large percentage of the American population. 40% of the Senior Citizen population also have some form of disability, and as the population ages, the number will grow. Here is another statistic – 75% of these people can still travel with the help of tools and resources, and they represent a part of your potential business clients. It is important to make them feel at home in your commercial premises, and an accessible elevator goes a long way in helping with that. A happy customer is always good for your business.

Premier Elevator Cabs for Elevator Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Installing an elevator in a building is just one step of the process. To ensure that the elevator is well maintained and does the job it is meant to do; elevator maintenance is needed from time to time. No one wants to put an out-of-order sign over the elevator on a commercial property. The elevator engineering services and preventive maintenance from a reputed elevator service company like Premier Elevator Cabs will help keep your elevator running smoothly. With over 25 years of experience under their sleeves, the elevator experts at Premier Elevator Cabs know what it takes to keep your elevator running. For more information, call them today or visit their website.