How Elevator Cladding Services Fix Dent and Deep Scratch Effectively

Oxidation/rusting, scratches and denting of the metallic surface of an elevator is one of the most important factors that ruin not just its elegance but also compromises its performance, and the overall safety of the occupants. Your elevator is one of the most important assets in your building. It deserves your due attention. Learn how our cladding services can help in not just in removing dents and deep scratches but also keeping them at bay.

Pre-Cladding Cleaning Helps to Create the Right Foundation

Entrance frames, doors, and front walls of elevators often bear the brunt of your rough lifestyle and brutality of extreme climatic factors like temperature and humidity. Our professional cladding service includes cleaning the surface with advanced techniques to get rid of dirt, no matter how strongly it’s glued to the metallic surface. The cleansing paves the way for a perfect cladding service because the new cover finds the right foundation free of corrosive or other repulsive dirty particles

Cladding Provides Permanent Solution to Dents and Deep Scratches

Using a metallic emulsion or other synthetic coatings to cover dents and deep scratches is a cost-efficient solution but it lasts only a few weeks or months. Moreover, it takes away the original smoothness and brightness. On the contrary, cladding is a long-lasting solution that imparts the brand-new look and adds more life to your infrastructure investment.

Metallic Toughness Keeps Future Dents and Scratches Away

At Premier Elevator Cabs, we provide elevator cladding service using high-quality stainless steel, bronze or other metallic alloys. Their toughness makes the elevator surface rigid against dents and deep scratches. So, let your kids play the way they want and enjoy their childhood without worry about your elevator’s health.

Cladding Battles Corrosion That Increases Probability of Dents and Scratches

Oxidation or rusting weakens any metallic surface and makes it prone to dents and scratches. We help you fight corrosion by effectively cladding the elevator surface using steel, bronze or powder-coated steel of uncompromised quality. Powder coating is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat. Such a strong and smooth surface can easily withstand dents or deep scratching. So, we don’t just remove existing dents or scratches, but also make the elevator surface strong enough to endure future hardships.

Designer Elevator Cladding

Besides, our designer elevator cladding imparts an impressive look to your apartment, home or workplace. Yes, you heard that right! The very designer term is no more limited to the silos of clothing or apparel industry. We take your design preference and create designer custom cladding that complements the ambiance surrounding you.

Free Consultation

Don’t know what kind of cladding work will be right for your elevator? Fill out the contact form, and book an appointment with our elevator cladding expert. There is no obligation of taking the service. A free consultation is available from our expert. We inspect the dents or scratches and provide the right guidance and service in your budget and as per your satisfaction.

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