How Often Do Commercial Elevators Need Maintenance?

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Commercial elevators are the backbone of multi-storeyed business complexes. You cannot afford them to be out of order during business hours as it can hurt the reputation of the premises and cost you money in business. Having a proper maintenance schedule for commercial elevators is a must to ensure their smooth operation.

Since commercial elevators are typically used more and see more footfalls than residential elevators, they need frequent maintenance check-ups for lubrication and adjustments of parts to ensure that it is safe for operation. The laws about the use of elevators also mandate that the elevators are certified by the state and are inspected periodically. You can hire the services of a reputed elevator service company so that the maintenance needs of your commercial elevator are taken care of on time.

How Often Do Commercial Elevators Need Inspection?

An elevator comprises several moving parts, and regular maintenance can detect loose nuts and screws in time. For a commercial passenger elevator, a minimum of 4 times a year is advisable. In the case of the commercial freight elevator, inspection twice a year is generally mandated. Modern elevators have a lot of components, and if any of them goes awry, it will cause problems in the operation of the elevator. Maintenance check-ups help find any issue that can arise due to regular wear and tear.

Most of the parts that need repairs include gates, wiring, lights, buttons, circuitry, door docks, and valves. Often there are leveling problems and issues with the control board, and these must be addressed before things go out of control and escalate into a serious problem. Some commercial elevator companies also offer monthly maintenance services, and equipment testing is done once or twice a year to comply with the local laws. The engineers carrying out the check also provide signed and sealed certificates as proof of the inspection.

How to Choose a Maintenance Plan for your Commercial Elevators?

The need for maintenance for commercial elevators varies as per the building type and how it is used. For example, a small business premise with 3-4 floors will have a different need than a 30-storey building. When you buy a commercial elevator, price is always a big consideration, but when you hire an elevator service company, you should consider several other factors along with the price.

When drawing up a service agreement, avoid terms like periodic or routine maintenance check-ups and use terms like monthly or quarterly check-ups with credits applicable if the same is not carried out as per schedule. The maintenance contract should cover all the parts of the elevator. Also, add a clause about the response to emergency repairs. They should carry out emergency repairs as soon as possible and have an adequate stock of spare parts. The service and maintenance personnel must be licensed to carry out the job.

The maintenance check-ups of elevators mustn’t be missed or skipped. Minor fixes in time can save you money and a lot of hassle later. When scheduled maintenance check-ups are missed, small problems go undetected and can cause the lift to break down later.

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