How to Design Your Dream, Custom Elevator

A uniquely designed elevator adds a lot of character to a building, be it residential or commercial. It can be the eye-catching centerpiece of the interior, or it can be designed to seamlessly blend into the décor. You can play around with the door type, the material used inside the elevator cab, the upholstery, the lighting, and more. There are so many creative ways to indulge in when designing your dream custom elevator.

Once you have considered the technical features of the elevator and the place in your house where you are going to get it installed, you can concentrate on the fun part of giving the elevator a customized look.

Decide on the Door Options for your Elevator:
There are plenty of options to choose from for your elevator doors. From swing doors, sliding doors, collapsible doors to accordion doors. Some doors operate on sensors and automatically open and close, and others need to be manually operated. It would be best if you considered the functionality and the aesthetic aspect to make the right choice for your elevator.

Explore Your Options for Wall Panel Material:
The wall panel material plays a significant role in giving the feel to your elevator. If you want the elevator interior design to feel warm and inviting, choose options from natural woods like maple, mahogany, or cherry. For a more modern and contemporary look, you can go for glass or steel. Glass elevators look especially attractive and take the vibe of the house to the next level. However, do consider all the safety requirements when going for a glass elevator.

Choose the Flooring and Ceiling Material:
Think about if you like your elevator to stand out or blend in seamlessly with the décor. You can choose either depending on what catches your fancy. The standard flooring options to choose from include vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, finished hardwood, or carpet. You can customize the ceiling with mirrors, tiles, or glass elements.

Add Some Upholstery:
You can accentuate the wall panels by adding beautiful upholstery. It can add color to the interior of the elevator cab. Upholstery also helps in cutting out the noise and makes the ride a smooth and quiet one.

Choose the Lighting Fixtures:
There are plenty of light fixture options to choose from to give your elevator a personalized ambiance. The lighting in the elevator can go a long way to add to the feel of the place.

Decide on the Hardware:
Every element of your elevator interior design comes together with the help of the hardware you choose. The operating panel, the handrails, etc., are all customizable. You can choose the kind of finish and color you want. From the evergreen stainless steel to warm vintage tones, there are many options to explore.

When you explore the options for modern elevator interior design, you will find that the options are endless and can get a little overwhelming. If you need help narrowing down your choices, you can seek expert help from a trusted elevator service company. Professionals from elevator cab companies can help you make an informed decision and help you create your dream elevator, which is beautiful and functional.