How to Upgrade Your Elevator?

Upgrading elevator helps with improving the performance, safety and efficiency of the equipment. Elevator upgrade adds more life to the elevator, safeguards your investment, and reduces your elevator maintenance bills.
Read this elevator upgrade guide from Premier Elevator Cabs, the leading elevator designing and engineering company based in Maryland, to know what components of your elevator needs your attention, and why.


Most of the elevator related disruptions and accidents are caused due to worn out or faulty controller and electrification system. Upgrading this enhances its reliability, efficiency, safety, and accessibility. It also safeguards your building. You might have heard news about short-circuit incidents causing damage to life and property.

Upgrading the electrification mechanism cause minimal disruption for building residents and users. Ask your elevator company to examine the system, and provide you an estimate of labor and material cost.


The hoisting unit performs all the heavy duty. If clicking or frictional sound or disruptions in elevator cab movement becomes a routine thing, get your elevator hoisting systems and its components checked. It’s always a prudent decision to replace worn, outdated machinery before it’s too late. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. It’s related to the safety of everyone who uses the elevator, you and your guests.


Interior of the car, particularly the wall panels, encounters dents and scratches. Edges of objects like suitcases, and others often struck with wall. Though things are not done voluntarily but they take a toll on the look and performance of the components. If you are on a budget, consider elevator cladding services to restore the aesthetics of the wall panels. If your pocket allows, you may change the elevator wall designs completely. Add matching handrails for support.


Riders often force the doors sometimes to stop the elevator. Sensors controlling the door movements also take a hit with frequent interruptions. You may replace the door, or add shine to them with cladding. While planning a replacement, consider lightweight automatic doors that operate frictionless.


Ceiling doesn’t encounter physical damage as much as walls and doors. It requires less maintenance. If you are considering for design change, better ventilation and illumination, take into account the materials, colors, and design of elevator ceiling. Light-colored ceiling complements with the illumination, and make the cab stay brighter with minimum bulbs or lighting.

Bottom Line

Finding the right elevator design and engineering company is crucial for getting a quality service. Premier Elevator Cabs has a team of experienced engineers who stays abreast with the latest trends in the domain.
Read between the lines of the elevator upgrade contract to know what is covered, and what’s not. Ask for a detailed estimate with break-up of upgrade work to be done.

Do not forget to collect recommendations from your family members or co-occupants of the building to know about their experience with the elevator.

All this will help you to get the best value for your money.
Stay safe! We’ll be back soon with more updates on elevator design, upgrade and maintenance.

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