Innovative Metal Refinishing Process to Improve Building Appearance

elevator metal refinishing service

Metal refinishing an inexpensive way to treat the elevator exterior by applying a thin complementary layer to its metal surface. There are various ways to utilize metal refinishing process, as well as applications and considerations for having a metal refinishing for your elevator cabs. Some of the usual benefits of applying this refinishing treatment to elevators include:

1. Enhanced decorative appeal
2. Increased durability
3. Improved electrical conductivity
4. Higher electrical resistance
5. Higher tarnish resistance
6. Higher chemical resistance
7. Potential for vulcanization

Here are a few things that can help you to write down your choices in choosing a metal refinishing method suitable for your elevator and building. Here are some helpful points to keep in mind:

• Production Speed: How fast does the method apply finish to the elevator?
• Cost-Effectiveness: some finishing machines can be expensive, but may compensate for their price by offering faster cycle rates
• Metal Hardness: harder metals usually need more intense finishing techniques, like grinding, or may need tougher abrasives than those used on softer materials
• Potential for vulcanization.

Metal Refinishing and Oxidation services by Premier Elevator Cabs

Metal Refinishing by Premier Elevator Cabs yet inexpensive way to change the entire aesthetic of elevators. The metal restoration service can remove scratches, vandalism, scrapes, and other damage which is pretty inexpensive than entirely replacing elevator wall panels and doors.

Hiring a company like Premier Elevator Cabs for enhancing the interior of your elevator cabs is a wise decision as we have been redesigning elevator cabs for more than a decade now. We put so much thought into the aesthetics of your elevator and functionality. We can guarantee 100% satisfaction with every elevator cab we redesign.

Other Services Offered by Premier Elevator Cabs

Design and Engineering

While hiring with Premier Elevator Cabs for cab redesign, you don’t have to worry about its price. We work with our customers to find the right combination to meet their needs and budget. Being a 21-century business, we create a detailed design with detailed dimensions of the elevators by using our special 3-D design software.

Wall Designs

Serving in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and other places in the DMV region, our services will turn your outdated elevators into a pleasant atmosphere and score advantage to your building. Redesigning an elevator-style starts with great design. Your customers’ first experience typically starts with your elevator. An outdated elevator design can ruin their first experience and perception of your brand.

Ceiling Designs

With an endless amount of different materials, colors and patterns to choose from, we offer a variety of designs that can complement virtually any style in a building.

Elevator Handrails

Handrails not only provide a beautiful finish to the lifts but also plays an important role in safety. It allows passengers to hold onto the handrails without the risk of them becoming loose. Besides, the tightly secured handrails can also protect wall panels from potential damage. While we do offer a standard line of handrails, we also offer the ability for our customers to customize their own as well.


Since the Premier Elevator Cabs has provided expert services of high-end, exclusive elevator cabs designs, where high importance is given on quality—down to the minutest detail.


We at Premier Elevator Cabs handle everything from interiors and lighting to customized cladding. We are known for providing updated results that meet our clients’ overall design specifications and provide fabrication services along with producing cladding and other accents for excellent results.

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