Installation of Air Purifiers inside Elevator Cabs

Elevators have become an essential item in today’s world. They can move residents to their home apartments, patients from one floor to another in hospitals, and guests to their hotel rooms. However, it is necessary that people feel comfortable and secured while traveling in any elevator irrespective of whether they are riding forty or four floors.

Importance of Air Purifier amid Global Pandemic

Amid the global pandemic, the importance of an air purifier inside elevator cabs has grown by leaps and bounds. There have been a lot of discussions and debates about how can buildings continue functioning with the highest safety level. It hardly takes any time for an elevator cab to become a breeding ground for harmful germs and microbes. Passengers easily come in contact with buttons, railings, and the door of an elevator.

Coronavirus has increased the risk. However, business owners are trying to incorporate different means to make sure that passengers are safe via different types of COVID-19 elevator specifications. Some of these includessanitizer systems for handrails, self-cleaning button covers, restricting the number of passengers per elevator, disinfects, and so on. Several businesses have been also contemplating including elevator cabs air purifiers.

The air purifier for an elevator is also referred to as an elevator car air sanitizer. Part of elevator ventilation and disinfection system, it is typically designed with filters. Certain units are also designed with HEPA filters to facilitate air purification. Select air purifiers of elevators come with fans for air circulation or ventilation too. UV-C lamps that are fully enclosed are typically used for disinfection.

Some of these air purifiers are usually installed on the top of the elevator car while a few manufacturers are also coming up, with compact size elevator air purifiers, which can be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted. If an air purifier is installed on the top of an elevator car, there are no side effects on humans, and is very safe.

Advantages of installing an elevator air purifier

People simply love using the elevators these days. Many of us even ride one multiple time a day. The news of infection cases while trading in an elevator during the COVID era is not new. Installing an air purifier in an elevator can seamlessly remove cross-infection triggered by sneezing and breathing of fellow riders.

How does an air purification system operate?

The coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets. What is of great concern is that these droplets can stay in the area for many minutes. The function of any quality air purification system is to eliminate germs when they are still alive in the air. Most systems deploy a particular solution, which can attack pathogens, molds, and viruses to accomplish this function.

A good air unification system can remove up to 99.6 percent of microbes on surfaces such as buttons and handrails. Thus, an elevator air purification system offers complete peace of mind to riders and creates an extra layer of protection for them.

Installation of an air purification system is simple and hassle-free. It takes just about 40 to 50 minutes to do its installation. Today, riding passengers are fully aware of the various health advantages of traveling in elevators, which are carefully monitored for hygiene and cleanliness. Passengers will continue expecting this protection level even after the end of the global pandemic. However, make sure you are hiring a reputed company for an elevator’s air purifier installation.