Matte-Black: Don’t be Afraid of the Dark!

Black is such a timeless color that can be paired with wide varieties of colors, designs, and materials. Within the last year, matte-black has made an even bigger impact in interior design with its simple, contemporary look. If the idea of adding black to a small space, like an elevator, seems a bit intimidating, rest assured that adding a matte design can help make the color more mute without taking away its original beauty.

Whether you want to add matte-black to your reveals and base for a subtle touch, or to entire wall panels for a bolder look, we guarantee your elevators will meet or exceed your designing needs. The powder-coated matte finish will even add durability and minimize scratches– perfect for elevators that may get a lot of traffic!

Of course the dramatic look doesn’t have to be limited to only reveals and wall panels. Ceilings can also be the bold statement within an elevator. Black ceilings work especially well with lighter color walls for a nice contract. According to an article from Architectural Digest, matte-black can also be complemented well with other bold colors such as gold for an “edgy finish.” Since ceilings receive very little wear-and-tear, we simply use black-laminate to incorporate the same look at an affordable price.

No more need to see black as a daunting, intimidating color in interior design. Instead, incorporate as much or as little to show off your bold side!

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