Mobility Is Transforming Elevator Safety & Maintenance

Mobility Is Transforming Elevator Safety & Maintenance

Automation has changed the elevator industry big time, and in the coming years, the industry is all set to experience even more dramatic shifts in how things are done. Advanced mobile solutions will become a norm and impact how elevator safety and maintenance are taken care of. The use of IoT sensors is already in place by elevator companies to help automate elevator maintenance and extend the lifespan of the machinery. Mobility solutions are also used to ensure that the technicians who work on elevator maintenance have a safe place to work.

In the world we are living in, mobility is of paramount importance. Our lives are more fast-paced than ever before, and time is an asset. If the elevators in your premises are experiencing massive downtime, it will cost your business big time. Predictive and proactive maintenance with the use of data can help in maximizing elevator reliability, availability, and efficiency. By analyzing elevator data, one can derive useful information instrumental in designing predictive maintenance solutions for elevators.

How Mobility is Changing the Game for Elevator Industry

IoT sensors are a must to enable predictive maintenance programs. With technology, we can determine when the maintenance will be due. For this, the networked sensors are installed on prime locations in the elevator machinery, and data about the equipment like the trips, load, vibration, temperature, etc., is provided to the maintenance staff and the analytics engine in real-time.

Such an arrangement gives a real-time condition on the performance of the elevator. It enables monitoring the status of the key components of the elevator machinery like door opening time, the motor’s temperature, cab speed, the shaft alignment, etc. Suppose there is an anomaly in the readings like if the motor is too hot or the machine is vibrating incessantly, the system sends a message to the technician to check on the elevator. And the thing about automating this process is that no human intervention is needed for a service request. All the details like the location of the elevator, its equipment number, problem summary, any tools needed for carrying out the work are made available to the technician when assigning the task.

Predictive and proactive maintenance of elevators greatly impacts increasing customer satisfaction. The maintenance activity can be scheduled into non-peak hours so that traffic within the building is not affected. It can solve issues about equipment failure even before they arise and increase the overall efficiency of the machinery.

Why Safety Should Always Be a Priority

A properly maintained elevator is a safe place for the passengers and the technicians who work to maintain the machinery. All the information is real-time and updated by opting for a mobile solution and it makes the elevator a lot more safer.

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