Multiple Cabs Within the Same Elevator Shaft

Multiple Cabs Within the Same Elevator Shaft

Many people are petrified of being inside a falling elevator. High rises are common these days and modern elevator design has undergone drastic changes in recent times.

Advanced technology has made it possible now to install multiple (two) elevator cabs in a single shaft. This funky arrangement makes it possible to move almost double the passengers as compared to a conventional elevator system. The United States of America is lagging in this game.

Over 200 buildings globally use elevators that cannot pass magically through one another. All over the world, somehow, two elevator cabs move within a shaft seamlessly without crashing. You could be wondering about what makes such an elevator cab interior design possible.

 What is The Technology a Behind the Movement of Two Cabs in a Shaft

The magic begins even before one steps into such an elevator. The elevator cab interior panels play an important role here. Occupants choose their respective destination on the panel display instead of buttons on a conventional wall. High-tech software clubs occupants moving to the same sections of the building. This software action means passengers do not have to halt on each floor and wait while people clumsily arrange themselves within a compact box.

If a person travels to his or her regular floor from the lobby, they would not feel much of a difference, The actual benefit of such elevator cabs can be felt in buildings where passengers travel between floors frequently. If a person works in a hospital, for instance, usually,there is frequent movement between the lobby and the offices, as well as, to vending machines, surgical suites, and hospital rooms.

Two cabins in a single shaft make perfect sense in such scenarios. While one cabin can be used for strategically planned travels between lower floors, the other can move occupants to the loftier sites from the building’s middle floors. If enough people do not move about justifying both elevator cabs, one car is parked by the system at the bottom or the top of the shaft for saving energy.

 Advantages of Two Cabs in a Single Shaft

This technology not only removes congestion in elevator cars but also frees up space. As each shift can move more riders, buildings require fewer shafts. Thus, more space can be made available for conference rooms, a larger number of offices, more game rooms, and more cafés.

As modern workspaces and offices continue to migrate towards downtown high-rises from suburban office parks it is important to give greater weightage to maximizing space efficiency.

Sophisticated software monitors the gap between the two elevator cabins so that vertically stacked enclosures do not bump into each other. If the two cabins within a shaft get too close, they will automatically decelerate before coming to a halt at least one landing apart.