The Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC stands as one of the outstanding monuments to American architecture and craftsmanship.

Over thirty years ago, one of the historic elevator cabs located in the building was destroyed due to an electrical fire. In order to get it in operation quickly, a standard laminated panel cab was installed in place of the original; staying that way for the next thirty years.

Finally, the decision was made to have an exact replica made of the original white oak cab with its nearly 30” of decorative moldings and white oak panels with Premier Elevator Cabs, Inc. was the fabricator eventually chosen for the endeavor.

Using the one identical unharmed cab, painstaking measurements were required to replicate the “Egg and Dart” and  “Gothic key” moldings, carved rosettes and intricate, integral carved wooden vents.

3D modeling was even used to replicate the decorative bronze on the light fixture inside the elevator.

supreme court elevator cab replication

After months of hand carved moldings, sand casted bronze, custom made bronze handrails and recessed white oak panels were finished, the replicated replacement cab was complete.

What you see today is a testament to workmanship and attention to every detail in the elevator. It stands as another product proudly manufactured  by Premier Elevator Cabs, Inc. enshrined in a monument of the United States of America.