Questions to ask about Elevator Repair and Maintenance

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Experience counts. Elevator is an equipment that contributes a lot towards the convenience and safety of – residents as well as visitors. Whether you own the elevator, or are a contractor responsible for its repair and maintenance, this Premier Elevator repair and maintenance questionnaire will help you.

1.How often should I service my elevator equipment?

Elevator manufacturers and service providers recommend schedule monthly maintenance. Like your health check-up, this is general monitoring to know whether the components of the elevator are well in place, and are performing at their best. Your elevator maintenance expert does the lubrication of parts and clears away dust from hoistway enclosures, and grid of the doors. The tasks reduce friction and optimize the performance. Generally, newly installed elevators come up with a warranty that includes these services free of cost from 2 years to 5 years.

2. What is an elevator maintenance contract?

It’s a contract between the elevator owner and elevator maintenance service provider that reads out the terms and conditions about the elevator repair and maintenance. Cab enclosures with removable panels, door panels, door sills, doors, fan, light system, intercom system, light bulbs/tubes, ceiling, /flooring, mirror, hand rails and other architecture features are covered under the contract, but in case of mishandling or breakage/sabotage, the contract becomes void. Machine room and controller components including drive, door drive & batteries & main card are also covered in the contract but as they are expensive, the provider may charge an extra sum. The maintenance contract price along with taxes is payable in advance.

3. Can I get maintenance contract from third-party rather than from the manufacturer?

Yes. You are free to exercise your right. Third-party contractors generally charge less than the manufacturer. Invite quotes on elevator repair and maintenance from multiple vendors and make the best choice after evaluating their terms and conditions. Do not bypass taxes for some savings. Some vendors may provide you with options of cash payment where they do not provide you a due acknowledgement on their company’s letter head. This is a wrong practice, and there is always a risk.

4. Is maintenance of voice announcement, and LCD display covered under regular maintenance contract?

No. Most of the elevator service providers do not provide it for free. Even manufacturers, after the period of warranty stops covering them for free. These are considered as cosmetic parts and go out of warranty soon. Be ready to bear the additional expense if the need arises.

5. When should I go for elevator modernization?

Elevators from top brands are engineered and built to last approximately 20-25 years on average. If your elevator has crossed this threshold, you should consider upgrading it. Procuring spare parts become difficult after this long period as manufactures switch to the new trends and innovative elevators. It’s better you upgrade your elevator. Get a free quotation from Premier Elevator Cabs to know about the material and labor cost on elevator upgrade.

6. How much should I pay for quality elevator services?

If the manufacturer warranty of the elevator has expired, and you are not performing any upgrade or cosmetic enhancement to the equipment, you pay for the type of repair work, i.e., the cost of the components and labor. However, if you go for wall design, ceiling design, cladding, metal refinishing and oxidation, the charges may vary depending up on the size and quality of materials used.

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