Too Many Dents and Deep Scratches?

You are eventually faced with the reality of damaged elevator entrance frames, doors, and front walls. Don’t replace it… clad over it! We can wrap your existing metals with new. Cladding allows you to change the appearance and the metal without the exorbitant cost of replacement..

Elevator cladding services
Design for Cladding

Design Assistance

Change your stainless to bronze or maybe a powder coated steel. Let our design team work with you to find the option that best suits your needs and your budget.

Custom Measurements

Have our technicians do the install! We take the worry of measurements off of the customer. Our experts take all the measurements necessary to clad over the existing finishes to provide a finish that looks original instead of an afterthought.

Want to install claddings with your personnel? No problem. We will send you templates to complete so that the communication of measurements is clear and simple. To ensure we’re in sync, we’ll send you a drawing to review before parts are made. We want your parts to be made one time and on time!

Custom Claddings for Elevators

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