Adding a Handrail To Your Design Can Save You From Future Issues

Some people who are elderly or handicapped may have difficulty standing while an elevator is in motion. Elevator Handrails, which are installed at 32” above floor level per ANSI 17.1 code, help those who face this issue by allowing them to hold onto something in order to keep their balance. 

Another common issue is damaged wall panels caused by traffic going in and out of elevator. This can include a tenant moving out of an apartment complex using the freight elevator or a delivery person accidentally bumping their dolly into the wall while making deliveries.

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Choosing Premier Elevator Cabs To Install Your Cab with Handrails

When installing our handrails, our technicians not only secure them through the wall panels, but also through the cab shell as well to ensure the handrails are tightly secure to the wall. This allows passengers to hold onto the handrails without the risk of them becoming loose. In addition, the tightly secured handrails can also be used as a buffer to protect wall panels from potential damage.

While we do offer a standard line of handrails, we also offer the ability for our customers to customize their own as well. Customized handrails can be made from materials such as stainless steel, bronze, or wood veneer. They can also be made in different shapes and styles to best complement the rest of the elevator interior.


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