Existing metals look worn or dated but prefer to not spend a fortune?  You have choices! 

Remove The Scratches

While deep scratches and dents can only be “fixed” by cladding over the existing metal, minor scratches can be refinished and virtually disappear!

Elevator cladding services
Choosing the Right Material for Elevator Interiors

Change The Finish

Those mirrored finishes of yesteryear are looking tired and outdated. Our refinishing team can turn your mirrored finishes of stainless steel and bronze into a satin or non-directional finish for a completely different appearance.

Change The Color

Oxidation is another inexpensive way to change the aesthetics of stainless or bronze. With this approach, we chemically treat the surface resulting in darker tones. The finish ranges from light brown to near black depending upon customer preference. This upgrade will update the look and help hide those imperfections that come with age.

Metal Oxidation Services

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