The 3-D design software starts the process by supplying the part files for the shops. Our shop equipment is equipped with digital readouts so as to maintain an accuracy of .001” for metal parts and .003” for most other parts.

Choosing the Right Material for Elevator Interiors
Elevator cab renovations


Select from our gallery of standard wall and ceiling patterns for a quicker turnaround at affordable prices.  Select materials from:

  • Laminate
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Solid Surfaces
  • Metals
  • A variety of green products
Our Past Work


Our management has overseen production of elevator cabs for the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and an exact replica of a historic elevator for the Supreme Court Building. We’ve built elevators for everything from hospitals and schools to commercial office buildings and parking garages.

Our shop technicians have over 25 years in the fabrication of materials ranging from wood products, stone, glass, metals, and solid surfacing. As new products are introduced, we make sure our technicians are schooled in the proper fabrication of each raw product.

Our skilled installers consistently outperform others allowing us to keep our prices down and our quality up. We cut down your “down” time!


We don’t cut corners!  Quality products exceeding your expectations and ours.  

Elevator Interior Design Maryland

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