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Top 5 Luxury Interiors Commercial Elevator Designing Ideas Of All Time

Top 5 Luxury Interiors Commercial Elevator Designing Ideas Of All Time

Elevator cabs do much more than pulling people up and down the building. It reflets status, personality and appeal. We at Premier Elevator Cabs have turned many such elevators into an architectural design element, providing our customers luxury custom elevators. We help you design the elevator interior of your dreams. There is a wide range […]

How to enhance your elevator lobby with cladding?

how to enhance your elevator lobby with cladding

The Elevator lobby space type is often designed with both secure and non-secure areas. Elevator lobbies may be end-to-end or connected physically or aesthetically. Building elevator lobbies often serve as the “public face” of building interiors. Elevator lobbies are also becoming more interactive spaces that provide a higher user experience. Here are some ways which […]

Maintenance of Commercial Elevator – Why Make it a Priority

elevator services

elevator equipment may be an upfront idle investment without any ROI (return on investment). Apparently, it might be the truth. Unlike other goods where you see a clear profit after selling them, here you keep paying from the earning towards the maintenance of commercial elevator, and electricity bill. Premier Elevator Cabs, the leading elevator design […]

Top Ten Extraordinary Exterior Elevators Design by Premier Elevator Cabs

extraordinary exterior elevators design

Not many elevator cabs were built to be observed. They sincerely do their job and only attract public attention when they are out of order. Still some elevators not only deliver practical mobility solutions, they also overwhelm people with beautiful interiors or by overcoming special design challenges posed by unconventional architecture. The very very few […]

Innovative Metal Refinishing Process to Improve Building Appearance

metal refinishing services

Metal refinishing an inexpensive way to treat the elevator exterior by applying a thin complementary layer to its metal surface. There are various ways to utilize metal refinishing process, as well as applications and considerations for having a metal refinishing for your elevator cabs. Some of the usual benefits of applying this refinishing treatment to […]

How to Cut Your Elevator Equipment Costs?

elevator equipment costs

Elevator engineering and installation demands a colossal investment. In fact, it accounts for a sizeable chunk of the total building cost. Here are things to keep in mind to get the best value for your money. Yes, a little attention will help you to save big not just on the upfront equipment cost but also […]

Premier Elevator Cabs: Enhanced Customer Experience

elevator cab services

The elevator industry continues to boom across the country as most of the public as well as commercial buildings, are installing them to better accommodate their customers. Premier Elevator Cabs offers the elevators redefine to make elevator experience with built-in connectivity for improved people flow – helping to create an experience that connects on every […]

Enhance the Elevator Wall Panels at Affordable Price

enhance the elevator wall panels

Lifts play an important role in the design of a building, especially when there are more than 3 floors. The elevator is the second most often seen part of a building after the lobby, so the aesthetics are important. The thumb rule is that the elevator wall panels should be changed every 10 years. However, […]

The Art of Using Wood Panels in An Elevator

elevator panels services

Modern interior design is quickly picking up on wooden flooring and elevator wall panels. Yet, some interior designers shy away from incorporating wood in an elevator. This may seem like a relatable perspective when you look around and you find stainless steel to be synonymous with modern corporate decor. Whether you are planning for an elevator […]

Why Elevator Cabs Have Handrails?

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Elevator handrails are useful for riders’ stability and support while protecting elevator interior finishes such as mirrors and metals. A handrail design needs to put safety and ergonomics as priority while also making sure that the finish is appealing. While elevator handrail requirements are not mandated by ADA but having them installed in an elevator […]