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What Are the Different Types of Elevators Available in the Market?

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Elevators are the backbone of a multi-storeyed building. With the passing of the ADA in the 1990s, it became mandatory for multi-storeyed buildings to install elevators on the premises. The aim was to stop discrimination against people with physical disabilities. Today elevators have become a norm in buildings. If you plan to install a new […]

How Accessibility Affects Your Commercial Property?

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The importance of accessibility in commercial spaces cannot be stated enough. When building commercial premises, always think of ways to accommodate people from all walks of life. Installing an accessible elevator is one of the ways to make your commercial accessible for people with physical disabilities. Do you know about 20% of the American population […]

How to Budget for your Commercial Elevator

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Everybody wants to get good rentals with great commercial elevator designs in today’s environment. The quality of infrastructure, locations, and space are the key factors that determine the rentals. Setting a proper budget for your Commercial elevator and escalator systems is an essential part of providing good quality infrastructure. Thanks to incessant use and rapidly […]