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What Are The Benefits Of Modernizing Outdated Elevators In Commercial Buildings

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Like any other machinery or equipment, elevators have a lifespan of their own after which they start showing signs of wear and tear. Have you been into a commercial building that had a slow-to-arrive and slow-to-move elevator? Rides in such an elevator are a frustrating experience because they are outdated, unsafe, and inconvenient to use. […]

Elevator Cab Ceilings: 4 Things to Look For

Elevator Cab Ceilings

  Many design elements combine to make up the final look of the elevator cab interior. When one thinks of elevator interior remodeling, wall panels, door cladding, and flooring often get the most attention, however, the cab ceilings are just as important an element of elevator cab interior design. When used the right way, it […]

Why Are Commercial Glass Elevators Best for Shopping Malls & Luxury Stores?

Commercial Glass Elevators

Shopping malls and luxury stores need to showcase their products; their interior décor is designed to be welcoming and pleasing to the eyes. Glass elevators exude the feeling of luxury to users; they provide the users with a good view of the busy surroundings. Commercial glass elevators are a great match for shopping malls and […]

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

Why You May Need New Elevator Cladding

New elevator cladding serves two major purposes – rectifying the rust and corrosion that has accumulated on elevator walls over time and beautifying old elevators during commercial building renovations. New cladding is a great opportunity to make your elevator walls, lobby walls, and entrance walls waterproof and fire-resistant. Besides, it’s much more economical to clad […]