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College & University Elevator Installation & Maintenance

elevator engineering services

Elevators provide safe and easy access for all in educational institutions. The law mandates to make the premise accessible to students with special needs. Hence installing the right elevator in the college/university premises and looking after its maintenance and upkeep is paramount. An elevator company offering elevator engineering services can help you in making the […]

Commercial Lifts – Helping Businesses Meet ADA Requirements

Commercial Lifts – Helping Businesses Meet ADA Requirements

Elevators are the main points of access to a multi-storied building. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), first passed in 1990, caters to accessibility for people with disabilities. It established standards and guidelines for buildings to conform to so that people with disabilities have enough access to commercial and public buildings. There are several ADA […]

Importance of Elevator Cabs Ventilation

Elevator Cabs Ventilation

Elevators play an important role to keep people on the move, daily, no matter where they are located. Most elevators are designed in a manner that the air movement happens from the bottom to the top. The blower or the fan extracts the air from its bottom vents. The advantage of having good air exchange […]

Elevators vs Stairs vs Escalators

Escalator vs elevator vs Stairs

Escalators and elevators have had a tremendous impact on contemporary design and architecture. There was a time when people would only use the stairs for going from one level to another. However, thanks to the innovation brought by these two systems, people can now travel easily through multiple levels irrespective of weight. Thus, escalators and […]