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How To Keep Your Elevator Running Smoothly In The Winter

how to keep your elevator running smoothly in the winter

Winter weather can be tough on elevators. Cold temperatures, ice, and snow can all take a toll on these essential systems, leading to breakdowns and disruptions in service. If you’re responsible for maintaining an elevator, it’s crucial to take steps to keep it running smoothly during the winter months. Here are a few tips to […]

Why Are Commercial Glass Elevators Best for Shopping Malls & Luxury Stores?

Commercial Glass Elevators

Shopping malls and luxury stores need to showcase their products; their interior décor is designed to be welcoming and pleasing to the eyes. Glass elevators exude the feeling of luxury to users; they provide the users with a good view of the busy surroundings. Commercial glass elevators are a great match for shopping malls and […]

What do Elevator Inspectors do During Elevator Inspections?

commercial elevator companies

The elevators in a multi-storied building provide the owners/visitors with a fast and reliable vertical transport system within the premises. But as is with any machinery, elevators have to be maintained in good working condition so that they can provide seamless service to their users. Property owners who do not put elevator repair and maintenance […]

College & University Elevator Installation & Maintenance

elevator engineering services

Elevators provide safe and easy access for all in educational institutions. The law mandates to make the premise accessible to students with special needs. Hence installing the right elevator in the college/university premises and looking after its maintenance and upkeep is paramount. An elevator company offering elevator engineering services can help you in making the […]

How Often Do Commercial Elevators Need Maintenance?

how often do commercial elevators need maintenance?

Commercial elevators are the backbone of multi-storeyed business complexes. You cannot afford them to be out of order during business hours as it can hurt the reputation of the premises and cost you money in business. Having a proper maintenance schedule for commercial elevators is a must to ensure their smooth operation. Since commercial elevators […]

5 Elements of Modern Elevator Lobby Design

modern elevator lobby design

The elevator lobby is one of the spaces in a building that sees the most footfalls. Therefore, the interior design of the elevator lobby of a building needs special attention. It should be designed so that the entrance, doors, lobby, and interior of the elevator cabs have a seamless and cohesive look. Make sure that […]

Commercial Lifts – Helping Businesses Meet ADA Requirements

Commercial Lifts – Helping Businesses Meet ADA Requirements

Elevators are the main points of access to a multi-storied building. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), first passed in 1990, caters to accessibility for people with disabilities. It established standards and guidelines for buildings to conform to so that people with disabilities have enough access to commercial and public buildings. There are several ADA […]