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What do Elevator Inspectors do During Elevator Inspections?

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The elevators in a multi-storied building provide the owners/visitors with a fast and reliable vertical transport system within the premises. But as is with any machinery, elevators have to be maintained in good working condition so that they can provide seamless service to their users. Property owners who do not put elevator repair and maintenance […]

Smart Elevator Technologies for Practical Facility Managers

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The best facilities are those that can maintain regularity in operational routines, respond to errors and shoot down trouble before they manifest into chaos. By configuring smart elevator technologies to maintain these workflows you can monitor your resources, predict and avert glitches, manage your facilities more efficiently and bring down the costs and downtimes of […]

What to Do When Elevator Doors Take Too Long to Open

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The slow movement of the elevator door is a common issue. Most of the time, owners take it for granted which is wrong. Malfunctioned elevator doors account for several injuries and deaths. Premier Elevator, one of the leading elevator cab companies in the USA specializing in elevator interior design, talks about what to do when elevator doors […]